nokturnalHello there , My name is michelle . I am one of the Nokturnal creatures of the night. This site is dedicated to my tastes and telling you about myself , so here is a little about me : I love Bettie Page, she to me is empowering she did not hold back and was not ashamed to do anything. She makes me a stronger woman knowing she was who she was. I love music ;all kinds of it some of my favorite bands include : Cocteau Twins, Morrissey, Erasure, The Cure, Peter Murphy, Tiger Army, Los Gatos Locos, Os Catalepticos, & Depeche mode, just to name about 10 . I am 23 years old, I Love to take pictures , I enjoy dressing up and wearing makeup , red lipstick is my favorite thing. I love the darkness and light of course but I tend to be more nokturnal that anything . I enjoy poetry and deep thoughts and going into my own little world (my head of course). Let me take you to a place , around the world and back , with your heart close to my heart. I only usually enjoy people who have an strong intellect and desire for the deep, you have to be beyond this world and know your spiritual guide (God). I wish there were more people around where I live with the deepness that I posess because It truly stiimulates me to have great conversation . I am learning how to build websites on my own and It is very enjoying, If you would like me to work with you let me know , I will do whatever I can ,I can write some coding and I use a program to make some graphics ,a friend who is in school for that also helps. Most of what you see on my sites I have done all by myself ,There are a couple sites i have done in my links section. Maybe one of these days I will sell a corset also. Well I hope you enjoy me and Sign the guestbook. If there is ANYTHING on this site you cannot view correctly, over lapping graphics, dead links, Etc. Email me at michelle_kafantaris@yahoo.com or sign my guestbook and please let me know so that I may correct the problem, also If possible let me know what browser you are viewing with (Aol, internet explorer etc.) Thanks again for stopping by and I hope you enjoy your journey -----Michelle
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