The Thelen and Margraf Family Tree
Welcome to the home of our family ancestry.  There are over 28,000 people that are known to be related to our family tree. Information about our relatives and direct ancestors born before 1910 can be found on this site.

This page is mantained by Michelle (Thelen) Margraf. It is dedicated to our family with love. Thanks to everyone who has been kind enough to share information on relatives and direct ancestors of our family.  Your kindness has helped to create this database.  Are we related?  Let's get in touch and share and compare information about our ancestors. I love to see the family tree grow in any direction.  Contact me via e-mail at

The 4 main branches of our family tree are:
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Our Thelen branch originally settled in Stearns County, Minnesota in the mid to late 1800s.  They were originally from Koblenz and the Rhineland and Trier districts of Germany.  Common surnames on the Thelen side include Laubenthal, Goihl, Schneider, Riedel, Klapperich, Homberg, Nathe, Weymann, Loehr, Ahles, Bauer, Roerig, Besting, Ernst, Dahm, Andres, and Weber.

Our Colbert branch originally settled in the St. Paul, Ramsey County and Renville County areas of  Minnesota and the Dubuque County, Iowa area in the mid 1800s. This side of the family contains two distinct lines of national heritage. The first, including the surnames
Fleissner, Stopfer (Steiner), Beck, Eckel, and Guhl, immigrated from the Bohemia district of Austria including the towns of Albertsville (Albersdorf) and Pilsen. The second, including the surnames Colbert, Woulfe, McAuliffe, and Duhig, came from County Limerick, Ireland.  Ancestors with the surnames Kennedy, Woods, Glynn, and Purcell came from an unknown part of Ireland.     

Our Margraf branch originally settled in the Dyer, Lake County, Indiana area in the mid 1800s. They were originally from Saarland district of Germany.  Common surnames on the Margraf side include Govert, Kloss (Cloos), Rietman, Moeller, Morgan, Schaefer, Helfen, Lang, Boos, Kirschenback, and Schommer

Our Schelle branch has been in North America the longest and has been the most researched line due to the close proximity of records and the lack of a language barrier.  There are at least four distinct lines.
The first line is of English Quaker ancestry during the mid 1600s.  This branch first lived in present day southeast Pennsylvania, then moved to Frederick County, Virginia (present day Berkeley Co., WV), then Guilford County, North Carolina, then Indiana.  Surnames are numerous and include
Mendenhall, Brown, Yaughar, Albertson, Thomas, Moslander, Jester, Miskell, Pierson, Dixon, Maris, Beeson, Rudduck, Pennington, Kemp, Clothier, Clayland, Clark, and Church.  The second line is of German ancestry and settled in the South Bend, Indiana area in the late 1800s.  Surnames include Schelle, Schultz, Drelse, Jannaschk, Grabia, Deixler, Albinus, Neschapar, and Gussor.  The third line is of Belgian ancestry and settled in the South Bend, Indiana area around 1900.  Surnames include Van Holsbeke, Moorman, Brusseel, Belsens, Casteleyn, Baerle, Coryn, de Vos, Quequeburne, and de Vyl.  The fourth line is of Potawatomie Indian and French ancestry.  The Native American branch lived in present day Michigan and northern Indiana during the 17th and 18th centuries. Ancestors names include Kewinaquot (Returning Cloud), Neshkeek, Nesxesouexite, Kinochamec, Aniquiba, and Ni Non Chau Sie.  The French branch settled in the Montreal and Quebec City area of present day Quebec, Canada during the mid to late 1600s.  This branch was involved in the fur trade and eventually made its way to Michigan and Indiana around 1800. Surnames include Chandonia, Pellitier, Delisle, Descaeaffes, De Graff, Marcotte, Salle, Morissette, Coquin, Meloche, Robert, Becquemont, Ptolomee, Caron, Mouflet, Levasseur, Campeau, Catin, Chapoton, Esteve, Cesire, Girard, Bouron, and St. Aubin.

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