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Michigan Maniac's Sports News and Opinions
Look at that. Davison League Softball Champs 2006. That hot stud on the far left in the Tigers Hat, their star shortstop, yeah you guessed it...thats me. And the fine looking lady on the far right, thats our star catcher, my wife. Went 12-3 in the regular season and won a 1 game playoff for first place.
Where should you get your local sports news from?

#1 - WDFN Sportsradio 1130 the Fan - Hands down, there the best sports radio station in Detroit. They talk about local sports and national sports.  They don't blow sun up your butt by telling you how awesome the home team is. When the Lions suck ass, like normal, they tell you they suck. When trades, injuries, or other breaking news hits the wire, you know. Local guys from 6 - Noon. Jim Rome from Noon to 3, and more local coverage from 3 until 9 depending on the night.

#2 - 1330 AM in Flint - They have radio broadcast Tigers, Pistons, Red Wings, Lions, and University of Michigan Sports.

#3 - 1050 AM out of Ann Arbor - All University of Michigan Sports all the time.
Family Pictures Gallery:
Abby with March Madness June 2001 - Me, Dad, and Grandpa
Damon, Beckie, Me, and girls at Wedding Reception
Alyssa's 2004 -1st Place Car Race
Dad, Damon, Dana, Dwight, and Matt at Wedding Reception