Aida Japanese/English Interpretation/Translatlion Services

Aida Japanese/English Interpretation &

Translation Services


Michiko Ishikawa

375 Bartlett Street, San Francisco, CA 94110-3805
Tel: (415) 206-1614


I provide English/Japanese interpretation and translation services. I assist companies, groups and individuals in:

I translate manuals, presentation materials, articles and HTML and XHTML documents from English to Japanese or vice virsa.

Please feel free to contact me when you have any questions. :-)

My office is located in San Francisco. Because of its strategic geographical position, I have assisted many corporations, govermental, munucipal and non-profit organizations, and individuals not only in the San Francisco Bay Area but also in all over the United States.

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How to Contact Me?

You can directly call me at (415) 206-1614, or
Email me, by clicking or


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