Michelle at Home
Welcome to the Home of Michelle :-)
Buddy and Mommy Hello and welcome to my site! Here you will learn about me, but more importantly I hope that we can share interests in topics of great importance.
First and foremost I invite you to get to know my favorite number. Seventeen will guide us through our journey of understanding each other.
This music camp in Vermont is where I spent my summers from 1995 to 1997.
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are worth a visit.
Although I studied at the University of Miami for three years, the University of South Florida is my alma mater!
zero population growth
Here's what I have to say about being respectful and responsible.
the Florida Orchestra
Check out the Florida Orchestra! I have grown up with this orchestra and studied with musicians in it.
My pets
Meet my baby boy Buddy and his friends.
Meet my dad (and my mom too!)
My parents and Rocky are all in business together. Are you looking to buy or sell a home? Click this link!
My Wish List
Want to know the material things of which I dream? Here you go!
Get one!
Get in touch with the most euphorious and unique instrument of them all: the french horn (I add in "french" for those of you who do not know that this instrument is really just called the horn).
I always like to know what the weather will be like. Here is the source.
Jelly Belly beans

Ok, Jelly Belly beans rock! Besides chocolate (which I consider to be a different genre anyway), Jelly Belly beans are my all-time favorite candy. The site is really great too (of course)!
Food TV
My FAVORITE TV channel (as well as the only one I watch). Do you like to cook or want to know how? Need ideas for dinner tonight? I love this place.
Here is my trip to England, one of the most incredible experiences of my life.
An old favorite.
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