At Mickar's Shih Tzu
our goal is to breed healthy, sound Shih Tzu that
conform to the Breed Standard set forth by the ASTC.
We actively show our dogs but believe they
are family members first, show dogs second.
We breed on a very limited basis because we
strive for quality, not quantity.
Whether our puppies are meant to be loving
companion's or become Champion's of Record,
careful attention is paid to every aspect of
our breeding program to help preserve this
wonderful Breed as it is meant to be...

   -Karen Henderson
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Come meet our dogs!
We do not breed for, nor do we endorse anyone that advertises
"tiny type", "teacup" or "Imperial" Shih Tzu.
The Breed Standard calls for the weight to be 9-16 lbs.
We encourage anyone considering an "Imperial" to thoroughly
do your research before making a purchase.
The Myth about "tiny types" and "Imperials"