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This is a page is for my lil buddy, he's my pride and joy as well as his sisters, but my lil bud has been fighting cancer since a early age. I can still remember the day he fell to the floor and couldn't walk, and after at least 5 weeks in different hospitals February 27, 1997 my son was diagnosed with A.L.L. Leukemia. I will never forget the nite it was 7:15 and the words your son has leukemia still rings in my ears.

Im not sure why I'm writing this and I dont know who will want to read it , maybe for me or him or maybe to help share the scarriest feelings with others who are going through the same thing. Its one of the best types to have I have been told, but doesnt take the feeling that you have lost control of your childs life, and maybe your own.

He is a real brave little boy. I don't think I could handle as much as he has in his little life as well as he has. Colin always has a smile for everyone, and no matter what they do to him he loves them all.

I want to help others and show them some of the things that are out there for them . I have added some link and will add more as I can.

If you wish to ask me something or want me to help you find something out please write and I will try my best to help you..Sometimes just someone to talk to helps :)

My son just turned 3 years old and has another year of chemo to go , and we will keep fighting as long as it takes, so far he is doing very good ...

This is for you my lil buddy , mommy loves you so very much and will stop at nothing to help you and others .. Huge Hugs Colin

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Babe I Love You

This is for one of our special little friends that we just lost recently. Her name was Samantha and was 6 years old and was a wonderful friend to Colin ... We Love You Sam and will miss you lots

Here, Now, Gone

For every heart that finds a love,

there is a heart that cries.

For every dream that is reborn,

there is a dream that dies.

For every day thats filled with sun,

there is a day of rain.

For every hour filled with joy,

there is an hour of pain.

For every smile upon a face,

there is a tear to cry.

For for every fond hello you say,

there is a sad goodbye.

By Nicole 14

Missing You

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