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Kicking Your Shoes Off with 

Mickie Sue


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I am having to redo my site because Angelfire has seen fit to "DELETE" pages just because they want to and I really don't want to loose any of the pages that I have built. So I'm doing this again. Please bear with me as I make this transition.

This was my first homepage, and now I have many that I maintain. I think that I have provided a link to all of them through this one site. So kick off your shoes, grab a cup of coffee, and stroll through my pages.
There's a lot here to see, please take a moment to sign my guest book so I'll know that you've been here.
On this page you will find my email link, and link to the rest of my "web mess". I have made many of friends since I have started this endeavor of making "a web page". I will cherish my new friends forever. For each of them have touched my life deeply and have made me a better person. Thanks to all of you.


Because of all the email spiders out there, I have decided to remove all email links off of my pages. Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause you.

My husband,
for understanding and patience.

My daughter Ginni, for being brave during her healing period after her accident. And for just being my wonderful daughter.

My daughter Dian, for just being the wonderful daughter that she is.

Both my daughters give me strength as they grow and mature more into the wonderful women and mothers that they have become. I'm proud of both my daughters for what they have accomplished. Keep up the good work girls, I am very proud of you and of what (who) you have become.

My mother (God rest her soul), for teaching me the things I need to know in life, and for being my "Guardian Angel". I miss you mom!

My grandmother (God rest her soul), for teaching me perseverance and for being my ROCK for all those years!


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