Micki's Home Page- Thingies


*why just list things you can do here when you can tell them through song?

<-- hehe- the lyrics are to the song "Gilligan's Island!"

Just sit right back and you'll hear a list, a list of things to do
At Micki Lou's new home page ((did we mention it's brand new))

You can talk about myself right here, or enter a contest.
My favorite part is the web cam of my super fromage
... it's of Super Fromage

Here there's pictures, quotes and also sounds- and that is about it.
I thought I could come up with more, but then I up and quit
...but then I up and quit

You can visit the other parts, and then you will see more
... like the guestbook
... the links section
... about myself
... and that's it.

If you come back, in about a week, we'll have a little bit more!