M.Y. Miniatures
7 St Peters Lane
East Yorkshire
DN14 7UA

Tel/fax (01430) 431009
Unless otherwise noted figures are 15mm scale and cost 2.00p per pack of 8 foot or 4 mounted
Our figures are similar in size to Essex and Minifigs
Postage and Packing

UK / BFPO    +10%
Other EU      + 15%
Non - EU       + 30%
Minimum 1.00 in EU
1.50p non-EU / USA
All prices are in UK pounds. Payable by cash or cheque (in UK pounds sterling) drawn on a UK bank and made payable to: M. Yarrow
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Our Ranges
As you may already know Geocities is closing down on the 26th October. We are in the process of setting up a bridging site here
All our ranges are still available as normal via the above link.
Warriors of the Late Ice Age
Armies and Enemies of Egypt
25mm British Napoleonics
Macedonian and Successors 25mm French Napoleonics
Omani Arabs and Arabs in general
15mm Napoleonic
Formerly MJ Miniatures
Neo Assyrians
1/1200th Scale Waterline Ships
Former Trafalgar Miniatures
1/3000th Scale Waterline Ships
Former Trafalgar Miniatures
Wars of the Roses / Flodden Field / Barons Wars / Early 100 Years War
16th Century Spanish
1/4800th Scale Waterline Ships
Former Trafalgar Miniatures
1:3000th Ship Battlepacks
King Arthur
HO/OO Railway Figures
World War Two
25mm Dark Ages
Gulf War
25mm Cowboys
Northern Barbarians
Early Saxons (Anglo-Saxons)
28mm Robin Hood Range
25mm English Civil War
Vinland Vikings and their opponents
Gundestrup Celts
Cypriot and Phoenician
Villanovian Italian and Sardinian
Graviton Warrior 6mm sci-fi range available at shows from our stall or over the internet from Kremlin Miniatures. Click on the picture to be taken there.
1/450th Scale Ironclad Duilio/Enrico Dandolo 9

First true battleship built by the Italians at the start of the ironclad era. Ship comes in kit form with plan and history.
The Russian Outrage - 5 + postage

32 page A4 booklet with history and 10 scenarios
History and scenarios of the events of 1904 when the Russian Fleet fired on Hull trawlers in the North Sea. The incident nearly caused a war that could have enveloped the whole world
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Do NOT pay to our royalistmymins@yahoo address as we have a special paypal email address!!!
This site was last modified on the 14th July 2008
MASSIVE amounts of new stuff added throughout most of our ranges!!

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