3RD MAY 2003
Finally bought a CD player for my car. Now to fit the speakers in the rear deck.

OH NO! the previous owner has welded plate into the factory speaker holes. DANG!

Anyone got an Oxy torch?

100% Black Box Hot Wheels have hit Target in West Oz $16.99 ea. The Tunerz(YUK)$6.99 ea. have also shown up.

TH's so far this year are Hooligan, 56 Panel and Shoebox. A friend (G'day DU) tells me he has just found the CoooooGaaaar as well.

Matchbox (yes there is another type of diecast) has released the Osbornes set $10.99 ea. and a nice set of Fords in a 100 anniversary set also at $10.99 ea. I saw 2 MB Saturday Night live cars hanging in 1 Target and have not seen any others yet.

That's all for now....Cheers Mico

30TH MARCH 2003
The 1:64 Monter Truck Series are hanging in BIG W stores. These are much nicer than those 1:32 pull back plastic versions. I also found Matchbox THE OSBOURNES Series in Myer. At $10 they are overated and I only bought Ozzies Limo. Have heard that carded Anglia THS are showing up in spite of all the Anglias that were put in the Easter Egg Gift Packs. Man  that was crappy chocolate eggs in those packs. Cheers Dears and Happy Easter ... Mico

First post for the year. "Why?" you may ask. Because it has been very slooooow in these here parts.
But today, JOY OF JOY!! I found 13 new cars in local store on my way home from work. When I did get home, my wife had found 2 Hooligan Treasure Hunts as well.

I also found this years collector book 3 pack as well. That's all until the next score. Cheers Mico

Well, my how time flies. Nearly another year passed, another set of First Editions, Series and Treasure Hunts gathered up and put in boxes (I guess that makes me an accumulator and not so much a collector) WHATEVER! Did pick up 5 Panoz THs this month and only neeed an Anglia to complete this years Hunts. Not a great deal of new REGULAR cars hitting the pegs. Hope to see some new stuff after Christmas. That's all for now. Y'all have a safe and happy time with your families.. Mico 

Got to pick through 5 cases yesterday ILC, I think they were. No Hunts, but did pull 14 new cars. Highlights were the FE Moto Crossed and Sweet Rides Pro Stock Firedbird. I have heard that the '57 Roadster is being found in Perth along with the FF40 and Mini Cooper (THs of course) Still to get my hands on the Roadster and Mini myself. Another great car to find was the matt black Shoe Box with spider web GFX. That's all for now....Keep it fun ...Mico

Well team it's ben a while since the last update. There hasn't really been much to say. Still need the last 4x6 Series of cars for this year and a few FEs. Last TH found is the Fat Fendered 40. I have heard that the Mini TH has been found in my part of the world , but I'm still to see one in the flesh. Matchbox 50th LOGO cars come and go without much fuss. I have been lucky with the 'Treasure Hunt' 50th Birthday cars. Very nice set of 4 and I have a few for trade. The biggest news for me since last update is,I have made it onto the Good Traders Registry (GTR). My thanks to Peggy and Gary for my nomination. That's all for now ......Mico

3RD JULY 2002
Found a few HW Ford Thunderbolt Treasure Hunts this week. Great looking car, make sure you check it under a good strong light to get the full effect of the metallic paint. I have been very lucky in finding the Matchbox 50th birthday Treasure Hunt sets of 4 cars (see pic of 2) These are a wonderful set of cars and I thought would've been quite sought after by US MB collectors, but not so, even though they aren't released in the good old US of A. Still, a Treasure Hunt is a Treasure Hunt and I'll keep picking them up when I see them. I did find 10 Matchbox 50th LOGO cars yesterday. The only other one I had seen was the ugly dark red Mustang Convertible a few months back. I pulled the 10 from the same case. These I know are sought after, but, in ROW boxes , who knows. Rumour has it that there are only 10.000 of each casting with the LOGO so I guess time will tell. That makes them just as rare as the famous 1995 hot Wheels THs....fod for thought........To all my US friends , "HAPPY JULY 4TH" for tommorow.........Mico

12TH JUNE 2002
Been finding quite a few on the Phaeton TH this past month. Have been able to trade some for TH's not here yet, like the Thunderbolt and GTX. Also picked up 2 sets of the Matchbox 50th Birthday Treasure Hunts. Yes I say Treasure Hunts. The first official Matchbox TH's are the 50th Birthday set of 4 cars (VW Beetle, Ford Model A Van, London Taxi and Firesaver). Has everyone noticed that we are getting International Carded Cars now? Does make it a little tougher to trade for cars you want but I managed to find some Canadians to trade with. Hey it's about cars, not cardboard. Cheers.Mico 

15TH MAY 2002

STOP THE PRESSES! Mico has found a TH in 2002. Yes folks, I found my first TH for 2002 today (have traded for a few but this is my first find). It is the Lotus project in Brown with RL RR's. Quite a nice car. Other cars in the case included, Flat Brown VW w/5HO, Deora 'Cowabunga'and Orange Dodge Charger with Brown Flames. Now who would've thought Brown Flames would look nice? So there's new cars out there...go get 'em. Don't forget to email me what you find....Cheers.....Mico  

10TH APRIL 2002

Heads up Aussies, the Hot Wheels 3 pack with the exclusive Red Fandango and 2 other 2002 cars and what is commonly called the BLUE BOOK (collectors booklet with all 2002 FE's and Series cars pictures and check list)is here. I found mine in Karrinyup BIG W and Gary (DU) Ritchie found some in Toy'R'Us in Joondalup. I couldn't wait to rip one open and discovered that the cars are on 'Euro' Short Cards. Kinda makes sense. How many trees would be saved if Mattel only used short cards for all it's 'Wheels' products. Anyway enough tree hugging...Get out there and find yourself some and let me know if you find a Treasure Hunt anywhere. I have not seen a single one this year..TRAGIC...Cheers big ears....Mico

15TH MAR 2002

It's been a while since I last had anything worthwhile to share with you. The cars have been very slow in Australia this year. If it wasn't for the fine folk I trade with I wouldn't even have the La Troca TH. So far only about 10 FE's and 6 series cars have been found in Western Australia and I'm yet to hear of a single TH sighting.
I was excited then disapointed with the launch of Hot Wheels Collectors .com new club the 'Redline Collectors Club'. Excited to learn that a new VW Bus with Redlines was to be the club car then disapointed to learn that being in Austrlai I could not join. To make matters worse, those that could join (US and Candian) would then have 24hrs 'first choice priority' to be able to buy any yet to be released LE's at I posted a complaint on the board at HWC and then resigned from the club.
The next day I was made aware that Diecast was to close on May 1st this year. Ken has had enough and has lost the enjoyment of collecting HW's. Sad sad sad times ahead for us all. DI was the only site I trusted and Ken's input (along with his contributors) will be sadly missed by myself and I'm sure, countless other diecast fans. Thanks Ken, for the ride.
That's all for now.....Peace........Mico  

4TH FEB 2002
Yes it has been slow the past few months as far as finding HW's on the pegs. Trading however, has been sensational. I have met a very nice Japanese collector and managed to get the Japaneses Collector Club Passion. I have also been sent some of this years Final Run Cars (very nice) and have just ordered and paid for the new Penske 'Silver' VW Bus. Thank you Treva, from Liberty Promotions. So yes you can order from Australia. I did order 6 so if any Aussies want to save the hassle I'll part with one for A$35, that's about US$17 and still cheaper than buying 1 and having it shipped. Take a look at my WANTS and TRADES pages maybe we can do something.
Found the new Insectride 5 pack at Kmart. Heard that the Cabbin Fever TH is also being found locally. No word of any 2002 TH's in Australia yet. If you find one please let me know so I can spread the word. There's the new Pavement Pounders showing up a Kmart as well. Target is traditionally hopeless with '98 FE's still being put up. That's all 'til I find something new..Cheers....Mico

3RD DEC 2001
Found TH Pavement Pounder Corvette at Kmart Morley. Nothing else to report. Hope to see some new stock before Xmas. Fingers crossed that HW's will be used as stocking stuffers and we see some new cases hit the shelves. Seeya.......Mico 

Heads up all you West Aussies, the Holden Commodore 2001 Pace Car is here. Got mine from Kmart Joondalup. So keep an eye out at your local Kmart. Good news is, they are still $6.99. No I didn't get a call from the stock room people hehe (see previous post below) Cheers for now..

G'day all, I have been ripped off by bad collectors, let down by careless shippers now finally the worst of the worst has happened. THE SAD TALE........I have been collecting Hot Wheels and Matchbox for about 10 years. In all that time I have asked store clerks to give me a call when new stuff comes in. I didn't expect them to hold stock for me to look through first, just save me the trouble of popping in the store everyday and let me know when some new stock has finally come in and I'll take my chances like eveyone else. In 10 years, I have been called twice. I expect a lot of you have had the same experience. This year I started buying my Matchbox cars from a local Mom and Dad operation here in Australia called Toyworld. You do pay full retail price but the parking is good and they seem to turn over Matchbox more than the big stores. The Owner asked me a few months ago what else I like and I told her Hot Wheels. She said the Distributor was due in soon and she would give me a call when new cars arrive. I thought yeah, yeah , heard it all before, here we go again. Well today it happened, my wife called me at work and told me that the lady from Toyworld called and she has a brand new case of Hot Wheels and she would be putting them out tomorrow, if I liked, I could have a look through the case first. Well, I was looking forward to finishing work all day and quite a little excited when I finally walked through the doors of Toyworld. The owner called me over and let me look through the case of 72 little gems. I picked four new cars that I did not yet have, one of each. I didn't find a Treasure Hunt, but these days, it's the luck of the draw. Very grateful, I thanked the lady for her trouble and started to pay for the cars. She seemed a little disappointed that she had made me come in and all I found was the 4 cars. She then said " I know some people come in and all they're interested in, is the special cars, I think there's one in a box. I noticed that this box had been opened and re-taped before it was delivered today". I suggested that she refuse to accept any cases that had been tamperd with in the future. She agreed, and we bid each other goodbye. HERE'S THE RUB: I know there's scalpers and opportunistic store empolyees out there, I write that off as perks of the job, but what chance do we have if the people who distribute Mattel Products are ripping us off before the stuff even hits the stores. You draw your own conclusions......I hope I haven't bored you with this long read but I just needed to vent......Cheers dears............Mico


GET WELL GARY. My good friend DU49 aka Down Under aka Gary Ritchie, had a wrestle with a car and the car won. He is nursing some crakced ribs and various sore spots. No doubt he will use his recovery time hanging on the web and will be back scouring the stores for Treasure Hunts in no time. I have it on good authority (DU) that the Deora TH and 3 x 2002 FE's, are being found in West Aussie , so keep your eyes peeled and good luck to you all.


I found the Pontiac Rageous TH along with '57 Roaster, Morris and Montezooma FE's in Kmart Mirrabooka on Saturday. My fave regular car find is the yellow Rodger Dodger. I like it when Mattel releases the older cars from the redline era. Gives us all a chance to get castings we may never be able to afford. ONYA MATTEL, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. Also found new Matchbox Ford Falcon Taxi and Police Car and  Holden FJ Van (Black and beautiful). Matchbox are doing some fine cars this year. I've been finding the newest Matchbox releases at Toyworld Stores. You pay about 50c more per car but it's cheaper than continually driving from store to store to find only old cars.


My how time flies. Nearly the end of the year and still waiting to find 5 FE's and around 20 series cars to complete this years line-up. Good news is that the Olds 442 Treasure Hunt is being found on both sides of Australia. So keep the faith and keep looking.....Mico


Charger Treasure Hunts have been found in Perth. Not by me unfortunately. So yes TH's still to be found in Australia. Fingers crossed that the drought has broken. Happy hunting .....Mico

31ST AUGUST 2001

Scored big time at BIG W Whitfords yesterday. Bought nearly 40 cars. FE's were XS-Iv, Fright Bike, OLD #3, Ferrari 156, Evil Twin and a few more. Great re-colours found included, Green Cabin Fever and Red Mustang. So all you Aussies, keep your eyes out as there are a few new cases turning up. Did anyone else find the Pavement Pounder TH with the Scorchin' Scooter? Drop me an email.   

17TH JULY 2001

Well, so much for the rumours. LYG cases were found at BIG W and Woolies Kingsway and the peg warmers are still there too. Did manage to get 2 new FE's and a couple of series cars. Recolours found included, blue Hammered Coupe, Thomassima and Red GTO (very nice). All up I scored 12 fresh cars , so keep looking and I'm sure you'll find them near you. BTW no TH in LYG cases so far. Also found was the VHTF Caravan from the City 5 pack, on card, on the pegs amongst the new cars.Go figure.

7TH JUNE 2001

HOT OF THE RUMOUR MILL. I was told by a store employee, that after the stocktake BIG W is currently having, Mattel will collect all 'old' peg warmers and remove, then restock with nothing but new releases. Believe it when you see it. Just passing on what I was told.

31ST MAY 2001

Happy days continue with a Roll Cage TH and Chevelle TH on the pegs at 2 stores today. Now to find someone to trade them with.

29TH MAY 2001

Happy Days! I found the So Fine TH at Kmart Innaloo today. Picked up around 12 new cars including Demon, Orange El Camino and Big Yellow Oshkosh. Also bought some Tonka 1/64. They're making some nice stuff, so don't ignore it. 

1ST MAY 2001

2001 cars have finally hit Western Australia. Found 50ish in the last few weeks, including a Roll Cage TH. A friend reports that he found the Corvette TH at Target. My finds were at Kmart and Toyworld. Toyworld is now charging $3.50 per car. OUCH! Muscle Machines are appearing at Games World for $16.95. Toyworld has the MM 5 pack for $59.99 and the 1/18 for around $70. Oh to be able to pay US prices.

28TH MARCH 2001

Wow! I didn't realise how long it's been since I had anything to write about. I've heard that 2001 cars and the end of 2000 FE's and Series, are showing up on the East Coast. Still no sign of anything new here in West Aussie. It's so bad, I found a, fresh from the case, Rigor Motor TH yesterday. I also picked up an Express Lane TH and 2 Chevelles. I shouldn't complain as I know some people in other parts of the world are lucky to find one TH a year. Still, it would be nice to get some new cars. I would like to thank all the people who have been visiting my pages and email with offers to help with the cars I need. I will update my WANTS and TRADES pages today. 

25TH FEB 2001

Share my joy! I attended a Toy Show on Sunday and the couple with a table next to mine had a Redline Sweet 16 in Yellow enamel. It is far from mint but I was very excited to have discovered this little gem on their table after many other table holders had already searched there. I tried to hide my excitement as I casually asked, "How much for the little yellow car?" The response came "50c, nah make it a dollar." Thus the deal was done. My very first Redline find and it cost me $1. I spent the rest of the day chatting with the seller and his wife. Very nice people. He, Graeme, said he may have a hoard of old blue carded cars that he will bring for me to rumage through at the next fair. Can't wait. Stay tuned for the results......

17TH FEB 2001

Wooo Hoooo! Cabin Fever has hit TARGET. Found 2 cases on a trolley ready to be put out. Naturally I did the right thing and opened them up and found a TH Chevelle in one case and a FE Cabin Fever in the other. Other cars (left there) included , Mini, Holden , Healy etc. Where? TARGET WHITFORDS. Have fun...

13TH FEB 2001

Found Virtual Collection Lakester at KMART Midland today . The Holden pace cars are in Target Midland too.

8TH FEB 2001

The Holden Pace Car from the 2000 Grand Prix is on the pegs at Kmart in Perth today.

Very nice window box packaging and tampos.
The car is based on the Holden Pace Car, as shown on the  'Australian ' version of the Hot Wheels 2000 Poster. It costs $6.99, which is about 3 times the cost of regular Hot Wheels in Australia.

This is an Australian ONLY Exclusive, so if any US collectors want one , I suggest you buddy up with an Aussie real fast, because I think they'll be very popular amongst Australians and they won't be around for long.

Also found another TH Chevelle on the pegs today.

1ST FEB 2001

OK AUSSIES get your skates on and get into KMART. Found the Chevelle TH, Mini, Dodge Power Wagon and several other cool cars today. I hear there's some Holden Hot Wheels Cool Collectibles also at KMART with the Pace Car tampos same as last years poster.

No sign of any Pavement Pounder TH's yet.

The Haulers seem to be popular with only one or twoleft at KMARTS. Haven't seen them anywhere else.

If anyone in West Oz finds the Cool Collectibles Holden PLEASE email me and say where or call me on my mobile 0402 080 389. Cheers Dears till next time.

31ST JAN 2001

Well YeeeHaw and Cowboy-Up. I just got back from Tamworth, home of Australian Country Music.
    Each Australia Day Weekend Holiday, Tamworth hosts the CMAA ( Country Music Association of Australia ) Awards. Also known as the Golden Guitars.   
  This year my Band, Magnificent 7, were finalists (top 5) in the Vocal Group/Duo Category. We didn't win that one but were voted Best Country Music Group, at the People's Choice Awards.

While driving back to Sydney to fly home to Perth , we stopped at a Westfield Shopping Mall about 80k north of Sydney, where I found a Red with Tan Interior Ferrari 308 #816, hanging on a peg in a Woolworths supermarket. A terrific find for me, as I sent my only other one to my good trade buddy, Rich Aron, about a year ago.

Kelly and Maniac tell me that they've found the JJJ case with the Chevelle TH and FE Mini in it. Hope it means they'll get to West Oz soon.

19TH JAN 2001

HOT NEWS!!!! My good friend Down Under aka DU aka Gary, has just launched his own Web page. It's a ripper. Jump on the link on the left and take a look. Hint, wait for his customs page to fully load.

18TH JAN 2001

They topped up the bin of death at BIG W Mirrabooka. Found '00 #183 BUICK WILDCAT. I remember how hard these were to find in the US 6 months ago. Wonder how rare they are now. Also found '00 #211 TOW JAM. A very nice blue with yellow thru green flames. First one I've heard of in Aussie. 

17TH JAN 2001

Another box today. This time from RATTY. Main item was the AVON VINTAGE HOT RODS set. Wonderful cars. You folk are so lucky in the US to be offered items like these. Do the Aussies a favour and get spares to trade with us , hehe.

BIG W Whitfords filled the pegs with cars we've already seen. Ho hum !

16TH JAN 2001

Received a box from ZIMMY today. Mate , you're a legend! Thanks for accepting delivery for me for cars that would not be shipped to Australia and forwarding them to me. Folks this man is a gem. Check his site via the links to the left of this page.

15TH JAN 2001


Now if only my dad collected Hot Wheels......

Dropped into Woolworth's Whitfords and found a bunch of '98 FEs and a Rigor Motor TH. Had my fingers crossed for a Red with Tan interior Ferrari 308 #816. Found a couple with the Black interior. A nice car. Excited yet depressed that there are still no new cars to be found.
11TH JAN 2001

Yep you guessed it, they re-stocked BIG W Mirrabooka yesterday. I still managed to get 3 new cars.
#215 XT-3
#194 T-BIRD STOCKER (.com car)

Still nothing at the other stores, maybe on the weekend. I'll let you know.

10TH JAN 2001

No hunting today. I bet they restocked. Check back to see how I go tomorrow.

8TH JAN 2001

Stores checked:
Whitfords BIG W.....nothing
Warwick Kmart, Coles and Woolworths........nothing

7TH JAN 2001

My family attended the Gosnells Toy Fair today. It's always good to catch up with other collectors. My only Hot Wheels deal was a trade with a young man for the SWEET 16 #220. Picked up a few MB Superfast and generally chatted with buddies.

   I received the new ADKINS Catalogue in the mail last week and a lot of folk were keen to have a look. If you don't have one, I recommend you use the link to the left and get over to ADKINS and get on their mailing list.

There were no new finds last week  and the signs all point to a restocking of the stores in my local area. For you West Aussies, that's, Whitfords, Joondalup, Mirrabooka, Karrinyup. However, Karrinyup put out 12 cases last week and won't be restocking for a while now.

   That's all for now. Check back often, I'm always out in the shops looking for new stuff and I'll let you know what and where I find it.   
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