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"Mother Nature's Face Lift"

Maria Irene Cosmetics developed a natural range of anti-wrinkle facemasks based on exclusively hand-picked medicinal herbs and plants. After 6 years of meticulous research and development emphasizing efficacy and quality, our facemasks have a breath-taking effect and offer superior results. 

"Enhancing the skin's beauty naturally"

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With results visible and felt by the first application, our masks are more than a cosmetic product, they are an effective herbal treatment for skin conditions such as acne, blemishes and pigmentation. Giselle and Savannah give the skin a radiant youthful glow leaving it looking smoother, feeling firmer and velvety to the touch.


Described as "revolutionary" and "in a class of their own" by doctors, Maria Irene Cosmetics offer a natural solution with unrivaled results.


Their words:

  • "revolutionary" - Dr. PC Magan 

  • "impressive" - Dr. Manfred Leibenguth

  • "exciting" - C Sanua (homoeopath and pharmacist)

  • "fantastic" - M Wynberger (CEO)

  • "wonderful" - Olivia Pinto (administrator)

  • "phenomenal" - E Goodman (manager)

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