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Newest Update - March 20th, 2004
Past Updates

Welcome to Our Microverse!

The Omniverse Chronicles is now online.

If your a regular viewer of this website, you may notice the original characters are no longer here. They are now at their new home - The Omniverse Chronicles. To find out more about the OC, please click the link above. Elph informs me he will be making many more micros over the coming month, and I hope to do the same, so we may actually get back to doing a regular update. We have finally added a villains section, and have a few characters there now. Also, be sure to visit Copper's awesome site - Golden Age Heroes & Zeroes, which I can't recommend enough - Great stuff Copper. That's all for now.

AKA Golden Ager

A big thanks to Rich and Robert for making the template which we create our heroes from. I must also say thanks to Urban who posted the first micro I ever saw (Golden Ager up there in the logo). I'm going to keep this short because writing stuff isn't one of my better areas.