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Welcome to Microhub Technologies project webpage. In this website we document the analysis of our project, the SBS-MRT travel route manager. This project endeavor to provide information on the fastest possible route to reach one location to another, using a combination of both SBS bus routes and MRT routes. This website contains the following links that illustrate our documentation ranging from modeling design to analysis techniques and testing methods.

Here is a brief summary of what you can find at our website.

1)Home - our documentation main page.

2)Team - We are proud to present our Microhubb Team.

3)Schedule - This webpage includes both our proposed schedule and weekly project updates.

4)Document - This webpage updates our analysis of the software development, ranging from the Project Specification, Class Diagrams, Case diagrams and our use of Object Orientated Analysis.

5) Testing - This webpage illustrates our testing methodology.

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