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11/01/2003 - Andy Chong Badminton Clinic at Bryn Marw University Social Work Gym.

11/01/2003 - PA Open Round Robin Doubles Tourney

12/13/2003 - Junior Open Tourney!  ..more info coming soon.

Past BB Entries

About Tournament Entries 

Players are encouraged to mail entries to all events with payment up front. This enables the Tournament Directors to do a better job of research for seeding, preparation of the draws and schedule, brochure preparation etc. 

Running events is time consuming and those of us that do it want to do as good a job as we can. Help us make the tournaments we hold for you successful by sending timely complete entry forms in before the deadline.

Players are also urged to honor their commitments and to play whenever possible. Substitutions that occur to help let down players are done in our sport but no other. Tennis and Squash would simply default the pair. If for some reason, you must withdraw please notify the Tournament Director at the earliest opportunity. 

Thanks for supporting the tournaments,

Adrian Smith 

Badminton in the North East Region is not intended to replace the Northeast region's site. It is complimentary to it.

Here you will find tournament information on the MidAtlantic Classic Series and the Northeast Region (Restricted) Tournament plus any other Northeast tournaments I am aware of and can obtain information upon.

To add your event to this site send me a mail !

Upcoming Events

2004 DC Open
January 16-18
2004 Connecticut Open.  Baltic, CT.
January 23-25
PA Open Round Robin Doubles Tourney
January 31, 2004
2004 Connecticut Open.  Baltic, CT.
January 23-25, 2004
2004 Northeast Regional Championship
Febuary 15-16, 2004
2004 Boston Open
March 14-16, 2004
2004 New Jersey Open
June 16-18, 2004

Past Tournaments & Results

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