Middleton Memoirs..
The original Tower.built c1616..rebuilt 1840`s Picture..  David Owen
This site is a record of 30+years at Middleton Tower Holiday Camp,the friends made there,the happy times enjoyed there,,and the memories of an extraordinary and unique life style.
Whilst this is not in interactive site,I will be pleased to include any memories,pictures,or history,you may wish to share.Please email these to me for publication
Middleton Tower was not about buildings,or location,it was about people..About happy memories, poignant memories,good times had, friendships forged,,and an atmosphere to be remembered and cherished
The site has now been demolished, but no one can demolish our memories..
"Potted "history of the site..
Situated South of Heysham,Lancashire(.near Morecambe.)
The original tower was built in 1616..The farmhouse and old shippon(Tudor Bar) are all 17th Century The tower was rebuilt in its original style,in the 1840`s.
Originally a working farm, it was sold to Harry Kamiya, who opened a Holiday Camp there in 1939.shortly before he was interned during WW2 During the war, the site was used by the military.
It  reopened after the war and was a popular venue for holidaymakers.It was sold to Fred Pontin,in 1961 and operated as a Pontin Centre from that date.It finally closed in 1994 After many years laying derelict, the site is currently being built up as a retirement village.

A brief personal history..

I first went to Middleton Tower as a dancer (a Zio Angel) in the early 1960`s.
I met, and married the photographer,Alan,and joined him in his business..We were still official photographers on the site when it finally closed in 1994
We had one daughter..and now two beautiful Grand Daughters..
We lived in retirement just 2miles from the camp, until Alan passed away recently..
Photo Gallery..1..before 1961
Photo Gallery..2..1960`s
General Views..
Photo Gallery..3..1970`s
Faces..Past and Present..
Photo Gallery..4..1980`s
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Photo Gallery..5..1990`s
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David Owen
Mrs.Mort Allen (Joan)
Ted Emblow.
Mike Hardman
(late) Geoff Dixon
Peter Smith
(late)Kath Wakefield (nee Almond)

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