Midget V8      SOLD!!!!!
Very disappointed to see it go - but life changes.........
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Well she's finally gone.....
It's sad to see her going after having her for over four years but the reality was I wanted to spend the time with my kids and not with the car. I bought the car two weeks after my daughter was born with the (rather feeble) illusion that becuase I'd be spending more time at home I'd be able to mess around on it in the evenings. Those that have had kids know this is impossible. I held onto that dream for four years until my son was born and that shattered any illusion that I'd be able to do anything on it for a further four years.

So how do I feel? Well quite relieved actually. The car started to hang over me as over time my priorities changed and to be quite frank I changed too. The V8 just wasn't for me any more.

Cars are a lowly third place in my heart after my family and my home but nevertheless I could never have a boring car ....

So my new project is a more modest one. One that's running and one with 4 seats. A mini!

I'll keep a blog of the mini but ultimately you'll have to keep up to date on the V8 by logging onto the MGcars.org BBS and chase Matt the new owner.....

Best of luck to him!
How it started
10/04/05  Engine out for clutch bearing
Those Fibreglass bits
14/06/05  Removing the old rear wing
Fastback tops/fronts
21/06/05  My new propshaft and callipers
Footwell compromise
06/07/05  Getting ready for the new wing
Before that:  Brakes and stuff