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My name is Dan, AKA, Midibass:

I have many friends on the net that I have met over the last couple of years.

Especially rose-y.gif (3289 bytes)My baby girl rose-y.gif (3289 bytes)(Susanne) and her family who are our dearest friends

from Minnesota, U.S.A.

I am a musician at heart and soul and have been playing bass for

the last few years off and on. I am retired from playing now.

I have some really cool tunes for your listening pleasure from

bands I have played in or know.

Please check out my links page and sign my Guest Book.

Happy Surfing:

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This page will be updated as often as time allows me. I will be adding

more links all the time. So Please come back soon and see what is new .

If you have any suggestions or comments or would like me to link to your

page please e-mail me with your url .

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I will also be linking to cool graphic sites and music pages .

Please do not link directly to my page for graphics, Download them to your own computer.

I used two fonts on this page BlackChancery & ShelleyVolanteBT. which you can get

at The Font Addicts from my links page. Thank you.

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Click on the links below to navigate my site.

Hope you enjoy your stay and please

come back soon.

Thank you.

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My Interests Visit The Wolf Den Free Graphics By: Midibass

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Pictures of Ontario

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On Sept 11, 2001 The United States Of America
came under attack by cowardly Terrorists.
The Ribbon below is in memory of those innocent people who lost their lives,
their families, those who survived and all of the American people
who's spirit will not be broken.

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God Bless America

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I Am A Proud Member Of:
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Help Find A Missing Child

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My Adopted puppy " Lobo "

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Take this dove and
Place it on your pages. To show your support
For Cancer research and Survivors everywhere.

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I have been to many sites on the net and geisha is one of the best.
Please check it out for yourself happy surfing Midibass

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Since Yahoo Geo has changed the format of their GuestBooks
and they no longer support html entries I have added another GuestBook
for my friends in competitions to sign. Please use the Guestbook below.
Thank You. Midibass.

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