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The main theme of this site is to recognize God's gift of music.

Here is a brief description of my pages:

  • Artists - a spotlight on different Christian/positive musicians.
  • Bands - a spotlight on Christian/positive bands.
  • Magazine - featuring music & collectibles.
  • Trades - a list of music I have available for trading.
  • Wants - a list of music I am looking for.
My pages are still under construction, but I'm working on them.

Bands - please e-mail me for more info about the mag.

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The following are Web Rings and Banner Exchanges I'm a member of. I do not necessarily agree or promote everything that is advertised on my page. I am especially against, 1) any form of Church bashing; 2) any form of sexual perversion; 3) any form of "SNOBISM" - people who think they are better than others because of Religious affiliation, gender, race, political affiliation, job postion/titles, how rich/poor they are, etc.....


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