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The P.A.L. System is comprised of 2 meter repeaters throughout the eastern third of South Carolina which are linked together to provide a network that allows for voice communications to take place from as far north as Wilmington N.C. to as far south as Savannah Ga. The majority of the repeaters are no longer owned and operated by W4APE, Jack since he has became an SK. All of the repeaters that bore his callsign now have WD4HEM on them as he is custodian at this time. Opearation costs are being shared at this time by all the contributing uses of the system. Please do your part and contribute or financially support a repeater..(pay power bill..maintainence costs,etc....).
There is a traffic net that is called into session every night at 9:30PM local time. Usually averages 50 checkins. On wednesday nights the net is followed with a swap net for those wishing to buy,sell,trade or give away amateur radio related equipment. Sometimes at 10:30 in the mornings we have an infirmaries net called by George KF4VGY, that takes place. It's purpose is to allow those that feel good,bad,happy,sad,mad or glad to checkin and join in. It's a very lighthearted gathering and serves to promote fellowship and goodwill in the amateur community. Please come by and visit with us on any/all of these nets. You'll not have a better time than with us....and there's no charge for the entertainment!!
SKYWARN activation takes priority on the link system. There is an active group of spotters and net controllers in the coverage area who do a great service to their communities during times of severe/threatening weather. We're not storm chasers.....we're spotters.....BIG difference!! You can stay in the safety of your house or shelter and be a spotter. If you have an opportunity to attend a SKYWARN class please do so. If you'd like to view our SKYWARN Net Control Scripts, you may click on the link provided here.View SKYWARN Scripts

At present, the main hub for the system is in Timmonsville S.C. Linking takes place on the 440 mhz band. Below is a listing of the frequencies,locations and owners of the repeaters that make up the link. Also there is now an APRS Digipeter on the Pageland tower...it has excellent coverage.....if you get a chance look at it on the APRS Frequency..144.390. Let's not forget our super net controllers that are there faithfully each night to call the net into service. Guys you all do a fantastic job!! Keep up the good work! If any of you would like a try a being net control all you have to do is speak up.....we need more alternate controllers to fill in when someone else is not able to. It's really not that hard to do....just remember that you are in charge of the net. If you like to talk it's a great way to enjoy yourself.
We have a new group page on Yahoo Groups. We thought that if you,the user, were able to have a place to post info and/or share ideas,files,pics or whatever, that it would generate more intrest in the system. If you are a member of Yahoo then just signup as a member of the group. If you are not a Yahoo member, all you gotta do is visit Yahoo and join up. We have a few pics and things on the page right now and would love to have more. If you have something you'd like to share with us,then the group page is the place to do it. Please try to limit items and/or pics to things related to the PALS group,amateur radio or region specific info. If you right click on the link below you will be able to keep this page open and open the group page in a new window/folder. Do the right click thing right here to join the group page Please come back and visit with us again as more is planned for this site.

Below is a tableized listing of the repeaters on the link.

145.230-600 kHz SERA Coord. Greelyville S.C. close to Kingstree SC KG4AQH Abb Brown
145.490-600kHz SERA Coord. Cheraw SC/td> WD4HEM Rusty
146.895-600kHz SERA Coord. Pageland SC (High Point Community) WD4HEM
146.925-600kHz SERA Coord. Bishopville/Lucknow SC WD4HEM
147.195+600kHz SERA Coord. Florence SC WD4HEM
147.375+600kHz SERA Coord. Georgetown SC KI4CB

The above repeaters are on the link fulltime.

We have a lot of regulars that checkin and our most favorite "whipping boy" would have to be Allen, KA4LNL. Allen has been a ham for quite a few years and is a lot of fun to be around. He's seen and done a lot in his life and is able to tell some colorful stories. Here's a Pic of Mr. Allen Gilley

It is with great sorrow that we announce the passing of our wonderful friend,W4APE Jack Pegues, who founded the PALS Network. Jack became a silent key on Friday,September 19,2003. He was 59 years young. He was president of the PALSNET, and a member of both the Chesterfield County Amateur Radio Club and the ARRL. He was an Extra Class Liscensee. Also the EC for Chesterfield County and a reporter for the National Weather Service. He is survived by his wife,Emma,sons,John Pegues of Cheraw and Russell Franklin Price of Florence SC. and had two wonderful Grandchildren. A memorial service was held on Sunday September 21 at St. David's Episcopal Church in Cheraw. The family asks that memorials be made to either the St. Davids Episcopal Church, Building Fund,420 Market Street, Cheraw SC 29520 or to the SCPALSNET. Mr. Jimmy Hill, W4EOZ will be glad to put it where it belongs. We ask that all of you continue to remember Jack and the wonderful contributions he made to his community and the Amateur Radio Community. Please continue to use the PALS System as you always have as this is what Jack would want to see continue. So long wonderful friend, you,Jack Woods and Mike Holt can now tag team the repeaters and make life difficult for all of us. Give Charles,KD4TBF, Ray N4HPV and Dr.Jack,KI4CB Big Hugs from all of us. 73 Jack..........GOD,you had your reasons for taking that Very Special Angel from us........we stil love and miss you Jack..........

All of this mess in the north part of the state is kept running by Rusty, WD4HEM. One repeater is headache enuff....Rusty takes care of most all of these including the link radios. Hats off...atta boys and pats on the back to Rusty for a job well done!!! Rusty you do a great service ...keep up the good work!
If you are part of the system give us some input as to what would be appropriate material here....send us some suggestions and we'll include it here. Again....please sign our guestbook and leave some commnets....I have reset the guestbook and it is now ready to accept your input. I archived the old guestbook with all of it's posts and I'll put up a link here to view it.

There is a certain amount of discord among some of the folks that operate on the system and some who think they have control over the system. I don't want to get into the specifics here. If you are involved, I do hope and pray that all gets worked out. Remember, we are supposed to POLICE ourselves. If you hear someone on any amateur frequency that is not operating within FCC Part 97 rules, it is YOUR PLACE to speak up and advise them of their actions. By not saying anything at all only encourages others to operate in the same manner. Don't be afraid to gently advise an errant new ham and nudge them in the right direction. There's a lot of poor operating practices on all the Amateur bands right now. WE have to put a stop to it. Get familiar with Part 97. Be informed as to the time honored "Gentlemens Agreements" of spectrum use and modes of operation on the bands. Above all else....Remember....AMATEUR RADIO IS NOT CB!!!!! Be polite with those you talk to. If you are a new ham,spend a LOT of time LISTENING!!! Find out how the hams on the frequency/repeater you want to operate on conduct themselves and the way they handle things on that frequency/repeater. So many times I've heard new hams just break right into the middle of a serious conversation just to say that he is "monitoring/listening" only to have those who were engaged to completely lose all train of thought as to what they were discussing. Conduct yourself on the frequency as if your MOTHER is listening...no....make that....as if G O D Himself is listening!! Remember, there are a lot of Moms and children listening on the frequency!! If you just came from the CB band, don't bring your operating practices onto the ham bands...this is not CB and we have no use for that mentality here.
Remember also, when you talk on any one repeater, you are talking on all of them. Let them rest occasionally. When the system is in use there are 13 radios in use. Imagine your little 50 watt 2 meter radio being in use for a long duration at HIGH power. The repeaters operate upwards of 100 watts. They are not made for continuous use. They do get hot and it DOES cause damage!!!! Just be polite, use common sense, and try to project a positive image to those non-hams that are listening on scanners/shortwave receivers. The local governments, private citizens and lots of others listen in on Amateur Radio.
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