Middle Ages WebQuest

Photo Gallery

The castle and the church were two of the primary social organizations during the
Middle Ages.  This WebQuest is designed to encourage students to research this time period, to share their research with classmates and thus discover the significance of these two organizations.

This activity is designed to take six periods.  As only six class periods are being provided, the projects are to be relatively simple.  Posters and pamphlets should be one page in length.  Picture books should be 10 - 20 pages in length with one picture and a simple sentence on each page. 

On the seventh day, a Middle Ages Fair will be held to allow students to read each others' material.  To ensure that students do read the material, each student will be given questions whose answers can be found in the displayed material.

To ensure that students do not spend an inordinate amount of time "surfing the net" for information, a Filamentality hotlist has been provided..