[September 22 2003]
hello, okie people, im using the crappy school computers so yeah, im not on the home one because me and my dad arent exactly best friends at the moment, and he owns the comp.. so yeah. i woulda emailed you all, but the school computer dude put a block on hotmail.com (stupid) neway, talk to you all later. btw, i'm leaving for NZ on saturday morning (waaay too early..) so yeah, i wont be on msn for another two weeks.. damn this sucks huh? oh no!! my affiliates dont know!!! :|

[September 9 2003]
Ember dude and Lex and Stove and Monkey dude, changed the way this site goes.. it has faster loading now, and seeming you all know the password and stuff, the new way for the sitey thingymabo, is when you type something, type it in "your colour" if you forgot your colour's code, go check it in the "source" or html code for the crew page. Stove, i dont know what colour you want and seeming you arent talking right now, its dark purple. Change it if you dont like it.. so yeah, cyas all.

[August 28 2003]
Ember, i wrote a helluvalot ramble tonight, check it out, we can end it, like as a chapter or something. Anyway, im gonna sleep now. Cya all

[August 26 2003]
thanks Lex.. might have to put that new section for ANF on hold, not in the mood for it.. but anyways, ramble is slowly coming along.. we have had it called "kinky" by someone who will be left unnamed. (i think they were kidding.. its not sick or anything)
Ember, you told me to go on the internet tonight.. where are you?

(25th August, 2003)
Hey lauren, happy birthday for today (25th). I'm trying to recode my site, you gotta give me some hints, k?

[August 23 2003]
Ember! glad you're so happy and all, i'm gonna start a new section on Angels Never Fall dedicated to my life, my friends life.. and such. More importantly, i have done some Ramble. all i ask is that you not make the name for the blue dude.. im gonna think of a weird one.. anyway, good stuff mate!! ~_^ (<---thats a wink btw)

[August 22 2003]
WOOHOO!!! Yeah! Everything is great! All is good, im high on life ^-^
Anyway, i added a chunck to the bottom of the Monkey Ramble. Id tell you in the tagboard, but its not working!... gah. Anyway, you need to do some too Lauren, im making it as though Monkey has started a gang of little kids to over run a Mr Whippy van and steal all the ice-cream.
[August 16 2003]
yes.. i am very proud of you Ember.. O.o anyways, now that ember has "complete control" like i, there will be more updates.. correct Ember?

[August 12 2003]
Ember happy ^^ ! Mwahaahaa... i have complete controll! I got into the rest of the site, arnt you proud of me?? no?? oh well then.
Oh yeah, thanks for the avatar Lauren O.o

[August 10 2003]
Okie, i fixed you avatar, (see below) u better be happy now then.. ^^

[August 10 2003]
HEY!!! EMBER!!! dont steal my text colour!!! :P blehh, get your own! alright.. im over it.. i'll go fix your avatar now then..
eheh.. we've past the 300 hits!! woohoo!!! *shifty eyes* *cough*

[?? ?? 2003]
Hello all! I was cleaning out my emails when i found the info for how to get in here... anyhoo... either rino or ryan, could you do my avator thingo for me?? pleeeeeease? i need it for other things too... *shifty eyes* _

[July 16 2003]
Ember.. where the heck are you?! i need your help with something.. are u sleeping?? wake up damn it!!! and oh my.. we've got 200 hits! ^^ wow.. were they all our visits though..?

(July 15th 2003)
hey all, this is alex, I think this works!! took me long enough, ryan can vouch for that ;). Oh, if ur having trouble finding a pic, go to
it's an awesome site and theres lots of pics there
okie, it works..
go check ur email, and when you post a msg thing (like this) remember to post it above the previous one. that way the most recent post is at the top ^^