Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane:
Digital Archives
Patient list: alphabetized by Alias
Catwoman - Selena Kyle
Clay Face - Matt Hagan
Clock King - data missing
Mr. Freeze - Dr. Victor Freis
Harley Quinn - Dr. Harlene Quinzelle - Harlequin - Inmate 6669
The Joker - Jack Napier - The Clown Prince of Crime
The Judge -
see Two Face
The Mad Hatter - Dr. Jervis Tetch
The Penguin - Oswald Cobblepot
Poison Ivy - Dr. Pamela Lillian Isely
The Riddler - Dr. Edward Errol Nigma - Eddie Nashton - Mr. E.
The Scarecrow - data missing
Two Face - Harvy Dent, District Attourney
The Vantriloquist - Arnold Wesker - Scarface
Man Bat - Unassigned - Dr. Kirk Langstrom
Ra's Al Ghul - Unassigned
Talia - Talia Al Guhl

Unknown - Inmate Records Lost
Crimson Wasp
The Creeper
The Puzzler
Queen of Diamonds
The Adept
King Tut