Midnight's Daylight
January 3rd, 2004
um.. wow Happy New years everyone!  Isn't it funny... last time I wrote here I was studying for summer exams... now I am about to prepare for winter exams... eww.... Anyhoo...
I feel like updating.  just cause.  Not sure what I will update today, but hey, look around and guess! :P

June 23, 2003
HELLO ALL!!! Yes, it's been a while, please don't hate me!! Who am I talking to anyway, because people don't visit my website too often...
Oh well, if you do come here often to enter my weird mind, I apologize for not updating in a while. Been INCREDIBLY busy.  School began to draw to a close and all of a sudden it was like "OMD!!! SO MUCH WORK!!!"  But this morning I sat my FINAL exam and I don't think I will stop bouncing around happily for at least a week! I have the whole summer in which to enjoy NOT feeling guilty about being on the computer because I haven't finished or ever started my homeowork... not that that ever happened... *cough*
THE NEW HARRY POTTER CAME THE OTHER DAY! I am very surprised that I am in fact on the computer rather than reading frantically. I guess I am trying to spread it out and save it a bit because I seem to have been reading it alarmingly quickly. One thing about it; I am really pleased about all of the English slang that they left in it this time.  I am English and sometimes I find it nice to have a bit of slang to remind me of England. As happy as I am here in Canada, I think there will always be a small twinge in my heart that kind of misses England. I mean, obviously I miss my friends, and I DEFINITELY miss the history, but I grew up there, and sometimes you miss the thing that was a constant in your life after it has changed.  If that made any sense at all you deserve a medal. A nice shiney one that says "I get what she said!"
Yeah, medals... hmm....
Well, I am not going to update much today. I am eager to get back to my book as I haven't touched it all day.  I will update the "About me" page, as I looked it over the other day and realised that things have drastically changed.  I think in future I will make an effort to update that page at least once a month.
Well, back to work.
Speaking of work, I thought I might just add that I GOT A SUMMER JOB!!!
Yes, during the summer I will be working gal! YAY! MONEY! TO BUY CDs AND BOOKS!! YAYAAYYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!
Done now.
p.s. I'm wondering why the hell I can smell Numidian Chicken! No one is cooking.... weird....

April 7th 200
Man, it's really been a while since I updated this page.... Well I have been really busy with school work and things. Actually, right now I am not even going to update this page. Sorry, but Buffy is on in 9 mintues and counting. Bye all!

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