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Sorry about the badly timed uploads, I'm very sorry, I've got the internet back, so hopefully things can become smooth sailing once again!! ^^

Below are the new uploaded songs, and I've featured Lead's 13th Single "Sea-Umi" even though most of you would have the song by now!! ENJOY!!

Hopefully you guys will like the following songs:

+ Ariel Lin - prank (it started with a kiss ost)

+ It Started with a Kiss OST - Sky

+ Lead - kimi wa nanka ga dekiru

+ Lead - sora no achira he

+ Lead - umi

+ Shinhwa - bokura no kokoroniwa taiyou ga aru

Last rotation, the song that was downloaded the most was: (drumroll....) CONGRATULATIONS Arashi - firefly!! *amazed*



Firstly I hate rules, but I need them, so please follow, there's only 4 :

+ Music files are for sampling purposes only and must be deleted within 48 hours after downloading. Buy and support your favourite artists ---->W-inds have already promoted a no stealing campaign!!

+ Some files are compressed for convenience.

+ Do not change any of my gmail account settings.

+ Ask prior to using any of the gmail invites.

+ Please do not direct link, to either my gmail or these new links!! you'll be punished otherwise!!

To download:

+ open gmail in a new window: gmail

+ login with the following details:

     username: midori.no.namida

     password: greentears

+ Download all you want!!

+ Currently though, as gmail is not allowing me to upload, just right click the "download" button and save target as, or just click and should allow you to save !! ^^




+ Format:

     [song #] + artist - song name + length 

     + genre + rate (*/5)

ROTATION # [ 009 ] 

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> rotated: 09/07/2007


 [ 01 ] Ariel Lin - prank (it started with a kiss OST)

         3:46 + cpop + 5/5


 [ 02 ] It Started with a Kiss OST - Sky

         3:53 + cpop (english) + 5/5


 [ 03 ] Lead - kimi wa nanka ga dekiru

          3:10 + jpop + 5/5


 [ 04 ] Lead - sora no achira he

          4:35 + jpop + 3.5/5


 [ 05 ] Lead - umi (sea)

          5:23 + jpop + 5/5


 [ 06 ] Shinhwa - bokura no kokoroni wa taiyou ga aru

          5:28 + kpop + 4/5



past rotations

The link below will provide a list of songs which have been rotated on midori.no.namida, they are all still available for downloading in my gmail account.

[ past rotations ]



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