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Midsomer Murders is a British detective-series for television, created by ITV. It involves the pittoresque (and fictional) county of Midsomer, where murders are committed at an alarming rate. It is up to Chief Inspector Barnaby (John Nettles) and Detective Sergeant Troy (Daniel Casey) to solve these murders, but in the process they often encounter other dark secrets, involving fraude, adultery and blackmail. The pilot episode, the Killings at Badger's Drift was aired in March 1997. Currenty the 8th series is being broadcast in the United Kingdom.

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The villages of Midsomer
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Broadcasting Schedule
Date Channel, country and time Episode Additional Information
7th of November 2004 Hallmark Channel (Hong Kong), 21.00h Dead Man's Eleven
8th of November 2004 TV Ontario (Canada), 21.00h Faithful untill Death Rep: Nov. 9th & Nov. 12th
14th of November 2004 Hallmark Channel (Hong Kong), 21.00h Death of a Stranger
21st of November 2004 Hallmark Channel (Hong Kong), 21.00h Blue Herrings
28th of November 2004 Hallmark Channel (Hong Kong), 21.00h Judgement Day
25th of December 2004 ITV (UK) The Ghost of Christmas Past
January 2005 ITV (UK) Orchis Fatalis
January 2005 ITV (UK) Bantling Boy
January 2005 ITV (UK) The Blood Point

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