1. No Godmoding.

2. Characters, Storylines, and things that effect the city on a grand scale are subject to approval by the room OP's. If you have an idea contact an OP.

3. Fighting is done in paragraph format and fight posts should be at least three sentances long.

4. Character origins can be based on science, mutation, magic, and nearly anything inbetween. Not all characters have to have been born with their powers, try to get creative with power origins. Even mythical beasts like werewolf and vampires are allowed.

5. Superstrength is measured by the tons of weight your character can press, the absolute limit of strength allowed in the room is 20 tons but this level of strength is extremely rare and permission must be given to play a character with strength of this level.

6. Character must be original, no characters from any existing comic book are allowed in Midway City. However if a character is a bit similar to an existing comic hero or villain that is fine, some ideas are universal. Just dont take a picture of spider-man rename him and say it is your original character. 1