Welcome to Midway Prep, a school filled to the brim with secrets, scandals, and out-of-control hormones. These teens aren't your run-of-the-mill kids: they have minds and lives more complicated than any adult could imagine. So sit back, relax, and let the lives and loves of the members of this elite prep school light up your computer screen.

The Latest Updates...

November 24: An unexpected character returns to the canvas in the seventh installment of The Tapestry: Chapter 7. Enjoy!

November 21: Delve into the lives of more of the characters in the sixth installment of The Tapestry: Chapter 6.

November 17: he madness continues with the fifth installment of The Tapestry: Chapter 5.

November 11: Danger and deception continue to unfold in The Tapestry with the newest installment: Chapter 4.

November 8: The Tapestry continues with Chapter 3, as the main thread of the plot begins to unfold.

What's Happening?!

*The Tapestry has kicked off on the MP website. Check out the character guide to have a look at the familiar faces and several new ones as the story unfolds, glance at the background of the story to find out what to expect, or dig through the episode archive to check out the episodes you missed or want to relive agian. There is no posting schedule, but seeing how this is a part of the National Novel Writing Month project, it should be rather frequent.

Creator/Writer: Philip Grace
Premiered: June 13, 2000 | Last Updated: November 24, 2003 | Episode Count: 68 | Chapter Count: 7

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