Midwestern Infectious Diseases Club
    This interdisciplinary organization based at Midwestern University in Downers Grove, Illinois is comprised of students from various healthcare professions in each of the three colleges that make up the university:

Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine (CCOM)
Chicago College of Pharmacy (CCP)
College of Health Sciences (CHS)
    The Midwestern Infectious Diseases Club (MIDC) is dedicated to promoting the appropriate and rational use of antimicrobial agents and at the same time combating the developing prevelant problem of resistance.

     In addition, it is envisioned that the MIDC will develop healthcare professionals who understand and will be able to apply these topics (i.e. rational use of antimicrobials and preventing the problem of resistance) relating to infectious diseases in their future careers.
    Furthermore, because of the anthrax and subsequent bioterrorist scares that occurred during 2001, it is important to assist students in healthcare professions in understanding and becoming well-versed in matters relating to bioterrorism such as biological agent characteristics, clinical diagnoses, and the latest in treatment approaches and guidelines.  The rapid retrieval of important, relevant, and timely information is crucial for any clinician responding to any sort of bioterrorist attack.  Therefore, it will be the job of the MIDC to furnish and provide such information when it is needed for interested students.

     Being a univeristy that is comprised of students studying different aspects of medicine (i.e. osteopathic, pharmacy, biomedical sciences, etc.), it is imperative that discussions between these various medical professions be open and free continuously so as to prepare and acknowledge the roles and responsibilities that one may have during a possible bioterrorist attack.
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