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Hi, and welcome to my little lizard zoo. I have 16 lizards and this page is devoted to all lizards.

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ighead the LZARR the Lizard Zoo Adoption, Rescue, & Rehab
  • A Message From Your Iguana
  • Basic Lizard Care
  • Warnings: With Stories.
  • First Aid: What to do when a lizard is sick or hurt.
  • Species Specialist Ask the experts.
  • igheadLizards From A to Z A index of all lizards from A to Z. (Still under construction)

    igheadPrivate Breeders
    Baby Iguanas Baby iguanas that were up for adoption last year. Cute pictures.

    igheadLizard Names Add a name, or find a name for your new lizard.

    ighead Midy's Iguana Page Old pictures of Midy's iguanas.

    igheadOther Lizard Links:

  • Lizard Breeders and Dealers
  • VA Herpers Not just lizards, but a great breakdown of resources by state or country.
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