Introducing The Fords of Kalamazoo, Michigan
Timothy Ford

Where the kids get their brains and speed from.
Amy Ford

Where the kids get their looks from.
Austen "Boo Boo" Robert Ford

He was born first and that was the last time he was first for anything (until his brother was born.)  Scientists are actually using him to study quantum physics to determine if he is at least moving on a molecular level.  Man this kid moves as his own pace - but he's smart, funny, and a lover.  All of which makes up for his extreme slowness when asked to do something.
Trevor "Trev" Moon Ford

Somewhere there is a class missing its clown.  A goofball in the truest sense of the word - this guy has the charm that will have the girls chasing him in ten years and yet he only is interested in collecting bugs, worms, grubs, frogs...

Yeah, his mom really grooves on that hobby.
Recent Ford Events
Christmas 2005
Sailing Trip to The San Juan Islands/Vancouver Island/Seattle
2005 - May - Visit from Uncle Randy
2004 - September - Disney World/Orlando, Florida
2004 - Mackinac Island