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Indian Guides Awards Program Deed Descriptions


Each deed accomplished by the Little Indian earns one (1) bear claw.  A maximum of two deeds may be chosen from each category of deeds.

Each two (2) deeds earns one (1) bear claw.  A maximum of two deeds may be chosen from each category of deeds.

PATH FINDER - 10 Deeds
Each two (2) deeds earns one (1) bear claw.  Each deed must be from a different category.

Each two (2) deeds earns one (1) bear claw.  Each deed must be from a different category.

This is the highest award in the Guides program. The Little Indian must:

  • Perform six (6) deeds from the Meshenewa Deed List, each earning a bear claw.
  • Present to the Nation Chief a written description or an original Parent and Child deed.
  • Upon approval by the Nation Chief, perform the deed.
  • Appear before the Nation's Longhouse and be able to discuss and describe deed performance.

  • Deeds are shown on the Deed Records Chart by the first two letters of the category with the deed number; i.e. the first deed under "Animals" is shown as "AN1."  Deeds created by the Mighty Fox Tribe are noted by the letters MFT.


    1. Make a display of pictures of ten (10) different birds.

    2. Collect, display and identify ten (10) insects.

    3. Collect pictures of (5) wild animals. Identify & discuss with tribe.

    4. Be responsible for the care and feeding of an animal at home for at least three (3) months.

    5. Build a birdhouse or feeder.

    6. Learn safety rules for horseback riding and go riding.

    7. Identify ten (10) different fish display pictures and discuss with tribe.

    8. Make a cane fish pole and use it.

    9. Demonstrate how to tie hook and sinker on a line, bait hook and the correct casting of rod and reel.

    10. Learn three (3) poisonous snakes and discuss with tribe.


    1. Plan what is needed to go camping overnight and go!

    2. Help set up your camp and explain why you placed your tent or shelter where you did and why you did and why you placed your fire where you did, etc.

    3. Make a menu of breakfast, lunch and dinner for a campout.

    4. Prepare a complete meal at a campout.

    5. Learn safety rules and procedures of lighting gasoline lanterns and stoves.

    6. Demonstrate correct procedure of placing kindling and wood while building a campfire and tell about safety rules in fire building.

    7. Build three (3) types of fires.

    8. Demonstrate a simple and safe remedy for a burn, cut and bruise.

    9. Help assemble a tribal First Aid Kit.

    10. Learn how to tell direction from the sun and the stars and tell how at a tribe meeting.


    1. Attend 80% of tribe meetings during year.

    2. Attend Church or Sunday school for 8 Sundays in a row.

    3. Attend a tribe outing other than a meeting.

    4. Attend nation campout.

    5. Attend meeting of two other tribes reporting to your tribe concerning the visits.

    6. Spend at least 1/2 day (workday) with your parent learning what he/she does at office, plant or business trip, making report to the tribe.

    7. Have perfect attendance at school for two (2) six week periods.

    8. Attend a play, describe the story and tell what you like about it.

    9. Attend music lessons regularly for at least six (6) months.


    1. Participate in a community clean-up or project.

    2. Visit a hospital, home for the elderly, an animal clinic, etc., and make a report to the tribe.

    3. Attend a service club meeting and make a report to the tribe.

    4. Make a report on at least five (5) community services describing what is done, who does it, who supports it, etc.

    5. Plan and develop a family worship center and display its use to the tribe at the time of a meeting in your house.

    6. With your parents guidance conduct daily family devotional (other than the meal blessing) for at least thirty (30) days.

    7. Learn to recite the Bill of Rights and the Preamble to the Constitution.

    8. Learn to recite the Ten Commandments.

    9. Visit a private state or Federal Conservation project such as a fish hatchery, tree farm, game refuge, etc., and report to tribe.

    10. Provide a school service and obtain teacher/principal verification.

    11. Give pledge of allegiance and tell dates flag should be displayed.

    12.  Learn how to properly display, fold and dispose of the flag (MFT).


    1. Make a project with simple tools; i.e., kite, model boat, Indian costume.

    2. Make a simple project by sewing, knitting, crochet or loom.

    3. Make a piece of pottery.

    4. Design and make a tool to use around the house; i.e., wheelbarrow, garbage cart, etc.

    5. Enter two (2) of your crafts in the monthly Longhouse competition.

    6. Make a piece of clothing for wearing with Indian costume.

    7. Design and assemble a table decoration for the tribe meeting or Award Banquet.

    8. Make a craft to become part of tribal property; i.e., tribe drum, tribe coup stick, tribe property box, etc.

    9. Learn to sew on a button and sew up a tear in cloth.

    10. Make candles to use at tribal meeting.

    11 "Mom's Night Out" Little Indian prepares meal and cleans kitchen or takes mom out with earned wampum.

    12. Draw or paint an original picture. Make a list of primary and secondary colors. Tell how to combine.


    1. Participate in one organized sport for one season.

    2. Participate in a dancing class regularly for one (1) year.

    3. Jog with your parent three (3) times per week for four (4) weeks.

    4. Climb a ten (10) foot rope.

    5. Participate in gymnastics, Karate, or baton class regularly for one (1) year.

    6. Learn and give to the tribe five (5) safety rules for swimming.

    7. Demonstrate pressure points to stop bleeding, mouth to mouth resuscitation and first aid for snake bite.

    9. Parent and child take canoe out for at least fifteen (15) minutes. Discuss safety and operation of canoe with tribe.

    10. Do a front roll, a back roll and a falling forward roll.

    11. Know bike safety rules and participate in a Bicycle Rodeo.


    1. Learn proper safety and care of an air rifle, 22 or shotgun and report to tribe.

    2. Make a bow and arrow that will shoot, learning and reporting on safety rules to tribe.

    3. Make a list of at least four different game animals common to your area and give a report on their habits, such as where they live, what they eat, etc.

    4. Make a list of at least six (6) different game animals that Indians hunted for food and clothing, and describe their methods of hunting and preparing them.

    5. Follow an animal track for at least 100 feet and tell if the track was fresh or not and how you could tell.

    6. Make a chart showing five (5) different animal tracks and write the name of the animal beside the tracks.

    7. Make a one-mile hike with your tribe or parent.

    8. Make a hike into the woods blazing a trail as you go without damaging the forest and return by that trail.

    9. Learn to identify ten (10) trees by collecting leaves and present them to the tribe.

    10. Help plan and layout a treasure hunt or adventure trail on a tribal campout.


    1. Name the state and area where your tribe lived and tell the location, if any, of your tribal reservations.

    2. Name the duties of the parents and child in the tribe.

    3. Describe the type of houses your tribe lived in and what kind of materials were used to build them.

    4. List five (5) Indian foods and tell how they were prepared.

    5. Make a report on your tribe or some other tribe from Texas, Oklahoma or New Mexico.

    6. Make a map showing where twenty (20) Indian tribes lived.

    7. Make a collection of arrowheads and other Indian relics at least five (5) (found, not purchased) and report to tribe.

    8. Learn one Indian dance and demonstrate it at a tribal meeting.

    9. Make Indian headpiece (any of many kinds).

    10. Make Indian peace pipe or wampum pouch.


    1. Learn the planets in order from the sun.

    2. Make a display of ten precious or semi-precious gems (picture okay).

    3. Collect, name and display ten (10) different types of rocks.

    4. Make a display picture of fifteen (15) different flowers and discuss with tribe.

    5. Plant a small bed of flowers in the spring and care for them through the blooming season.

    6. Plant a small garden of vegetables and care for them until they are harvested. Garden should contain at least (3) different vegetables.

    7. Collect pictures of ten (10) different vegetables and discuss with tribe.

    8. While on an outing, identify three (3) edible wild berries or roots and two (2) dangerous or poisonous plants.

    9. Make a weather station containing weather name, thermometer and rain gauge. Make observations over a two (2) week period and report to tribe.

    10. Visit a museum of Natural History, Nature Center or Zoo with parents, report to tribe.

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