Aplril 17th 2006
    Good morning people, I hope everyone has been ghood in our abcense, but, I regret to inform you that news for the band isn't much better. I am currently the only band member in Raleigh. Corey is in Pennsylvania, and Fred is in Alabama. Its a long story, and if you dont already know whats up, then i dont think you're suppose to. As for the band, well, the future for us is...well...questionable, to say the least. If you still love us and want to hear the songs, e-mail me(drumind87@yahoo.com), and we can talk, i've still got in all on CD. Live shows, however, might be a little impossible right now. I want to say tat we will be back, and maybe one day we will come back, but in a way, we must depart for right now.

December 8th 2005
   Wow, no update in like 6 months. Whatever, I'm updating it now. I think we are no longer called kixelsid.... due to no talent micheal bolton preaching ass - clowns. so we have no name. Hell, I'm not sure if we still even have a band. In any case I have an idea for a name. U.A.T (uopposed analytical Theory). Just an Idea.... Corey, Martin, and I haven't played together in ages. Like years and shit. I'm not diggin that so something must be done. A reunion show maybe.... Corey comes back from NTI soon. That should be chill. If he is still down ofcourse. As far as I'm (FRED aka - AMAZING -) concerned, I'm still down to play and shit. I kinda miss doing that. I think martin is go also. Hell, if anything, martin and I will bust out the F.M. Radio. Yeah, damn right Fred and Martin Radio u bitches. We hold it down with just guitar and drums..... mad treble. No lows....... .....we're losers. What ridiculous fucks these (Kyxelsid) guys are. Seriously, Who do they think they are. I bet they won't fight me though...fuckers. Sound like that one guy that does babylon aka fake bob dylan dude.  - Fred (MONSTER)
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