Grand Rapids Chinese Language School
School Staff
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   Grand  Rapids  Chinese  Language  School   was   founded  in  1991  as  a  non-profit,  non-religious, and non-political educational  organization.  It  is currently located in City Middle/High School  and  offers  Saturday   classes  for  anyone   who  is   interested  in   learning   Chinese language and culture,  The school teaches simplified Chinese and the phonetic alphabet.
School's Mission
1. To  provide  an  excellent    learning   environment   for   anyone   of   any  ethnic   background interested in learning Chinese.

2. To  expend knowledge and understanding of Chinese history, art, and culture.

3. To  assist  immigrant  families  to  become  full  and  confident  members  of the  multiethnic American society and Grand Rapids community.
Governance of the School
  Grand Rapids Chinese Language School is subordinate to the Chinese Association of West Michigan (CAWM).  The  school's  administration  team  including  Principal, Vice-principal and Dean of Studies, is responsible for the operations of the school.
Financial Sources
  The school's operations and activities are funded primarily by students' tuition payments and are partially subsidized by CAWM.
Teaching Staff
  The school  has  successfully  recruited  a  group  of  qualified  bilingual  teachers  who  have passions for teaching our students.
  As of April  2005,  the school  has  an  enrollment of  90  students ranging from 4-year-olds to adults.
Materials and Classes
  The school currently offers 10  classes based  on the age and Chinese language level of the students. The primary teaching material is the ZhongWen textbook edited by Jinan University.
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