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Hi Aaron!,

Thank you incredibly much for the world wide successful interview, I’ve heard!, I haven’t viewed it, read it yet tough, I ‘m so glad regardless of weather I failed, I trust, freedom of speech!


I’m hoping you have further faith on me, since I intend to eternally pursue the 411 centre for seniors with crimes against poverty. That, involves granting me my human rights, and forcing the community to accept misrepresentation by a tyrant of industry, where class is made between society, and the opinion of the decent fallen, is dismissed and mocked by “get a job people” attitude, dismissing the personal effort to choose a life of natural errors by confusion, from a very visible insincere and hypocrite society.


There (only?), denying me(only?) the decency to live, they harassed me, fenced me, banned me, in crime. While in extreme poverty and decency!, this mentioned, since in common Canada grassroots movements, environmentalists, and poverty are met by respect, acknowledged in social assistance based on the humble attempt to meet international humanitarian standards of living, NEVER deprived of your most fundamental birth-right to freedom, in equality, in dignity and in rights, the interpretation of these terms are the difference between slavery, and life. If I deprive a decent person to its rights, hired, or by self will, compliance is the likely event by a victim detoured by the tools of oppression. The consequences of your new re-location are the class and invisible wounds you yell. Freedom of speech I vaguely grasp the total history of, but I sure know what censorship to my person can cause, and I remember slaves and Jews and black and Mexicans… skateboarders and poverty overcoming their invincible monster with speech.


The 411 centre, like Hitler, said me complaining about the Director was taboo, suddenly my life’s betterment caused him concern/discuss, and the subservient suggestions were directly/indirectly passed onto ME, as I moved in decency questioning/formal complaint, already against their actions, and they dismissed/increased it to banning me from the 411. Without logging their job’s pretentious acts, when I demanded the little child-play to stop, their hierarchical weight hid and blocked and stood arrogant, despite me forming a family and a future, decent and private, yet COMPLETELY dependent to the opinion of their jobs…(?) Humanity denies this is 9-5-10:30-5am-6:55am-to7and to 8:59am, a minute to relax and be family, love a dog, smell the roses, health-spa your socks even, then Monday the brain-dead employment go, pollutes the world to opulence, mindless like the 411 centre, bureaucratically/spineless and stereotyping my opinion/questions/decency…


I blew and to the fuck to all of them, family and all, tied to the rule of the employer, remind me never to get a job. Her employee, a university degree in psychology couldn’t tell her mediocre boss to FUCK OFF, this proud graduate, daughter of CANADA INC. understands poverty’s opinion as “get a job too”, I often ask people to treat me like a PRIM-*E MINISTER, in equality, in reason. After hardly a laugh, I loose my head and see the quality of life of CANADA INC. further from the Canada that once told me, here, human rights were the name of the land, fearless of authority and economy, I travel widely in a land that underestimated the meaning of kindness, by people, using a simple principal of wisdom that grants a realm of livable peace among all, respect. Canada, except at the 411, they excluded me from that. In lack of it I smashed their front windows on the 24th of December 2006, evening, After my release from jail, I dismissed the entitled free lawyer access, and faced the trail trusting the judge and crown, and I, and the truth, would begin to set things right. It did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I was dismissed from payment to …2.000 dlls of their property, and any criminal charges, my criminal record is clean, and the 411 signed to the law, to the R.C.M.P., the ultimate crime, a lie in court.

I was in undisputed bad behavior, with bad language, that the law took and said to the judge, Miguel bad, the employees 411 good, and that is it… H…


I even questioned my behavior, and in argument respect, always do, they dismissed all professional courtesies entitled under the dignity thingy , on your rights, they denied even that a child was involved, and I was in extreme fragile state, my honest/clinical-misery to them was a coupon valued at 7.bucks… I claimed to earn that relationship widely with all the wisdom and effort to a promise to a child.

3 or 4 years and I’m still in it, in august my real restriction is set by law to end, not even the law, as specified intensely, did not dare to ban me, a term not to lightly to be imposed, except for the 411 who grants itself beyond pedigree authority, I should have been born from a different bitch (my mom can take it>>), since I have no genetically inherited mind defending myself there according to them…


This freedom of speech is one thing I claim, (Van..) a cop once told me to shut up right after I said it, and the 411 bluntly claims full enforcement and discretion over verbal and musical, social, Samaritan issues, where you need permission to defend yourself, express yourself, abiding the strict codes of employees mocking your misfortune, and freedom of speech?? Bully…


This guy I never knew, he never stated his reasons for harassing me, he expected me to abide and without a name, a common practice in our society. A counter process to mediocre interpretations of (my job<$>) situations require art, poetry to move the thing that binds freedom of speech with

“He harassed me for no reason, and and and and and and…” “Therefore he goes to jail for :


REF c.13 6719, 423, COL, Collier Macmillan


(Author): The Canadian Dictionary for Children

Page 466, Perjury. The act of swearing under oath that something is true, when YOU KNOW

is not.


I went to the 411 and in decency, earned a family under good behavior in public, I questioned / demanded the sanctions and idiocy to end.

They noted…signed, that bad behavior and bad language caused them to harass me off playing piano, finding a relationship and social behavior/support, denouncing constant public aggressions, by means of inquiry, confirmation, compliance throughout, formal addressing professionally bound to reach ultimate hierarchical authority, intercepted, mocked, and avoided, causing a casualty of mere economical dislike, poverty begins, continues.

How would you know what slavery is? I know I am to HIM, to the LAW, to EMPLOYMENT. Unable to bend over to their said misinterpreted decency.




You may publish any/all as public open communication, passively demanding full attention to matters unresolved to crimes against humanity, to Perjury, by what I call my attempt to being a World Poverty Representative, without assumed authority, but understanding and responding to direct crimes to POVERTY, IMMIGRANTS, ARTISTS, LOVERS, RACE, NATURE, LIFE, with ultimate determination, and strategy that will unfold by the weight of their own ignorance. Local poverty is being industrialized and assumed correctional, while many have lived/depended of social assistance as dignified destination and result to normal economical allergy. Clustered there, the myth of how does one end mad, begins.

The market demands human generalization, ecological and natural/social means are detached for exploitation and as overpowering evolution. The natural options-opinions collide with the eradicating effect that mind and nature withstand now, under the same conditions as I. Employment has become intrusive and arrogant, from job posting-distribution, application procedures that exemplify the censorship it takes to access the life source.

This, while inside the 411, sacred rituals understanding ownership, not decentship of futures that should challenge the tantrum of an aggressive/mindless yuppy, Director of pedigree correctional, and the law enforcers who whish their salary and social comfort / non-liable background be his, her their invisible social friend. Social statuuuus… Media support is now the forum that supports my accusations, art my only means to expressing my worth, to challenge my future, blocked by mediocre employment, polluting, lying.


Your exposure means great to me!, Thanks Aaron!