Miguel (Miguitar)has been played guitar for more than 20 years,(rock blues, country, latin...).He started his career

20 years ago, playing with his band in pubs and theatres in his own town (Madrid) own songs and covers. In 1990

his band won a rock festival and they was recording 2 albums, with some success given a concerts along the country.

Miguitar arrive to Finland in 1992, and at present he play like troubadour in pubs, ships (Eckeröline), and restaurants.

Miguitar, after all these years like musician he has developed his own style, creating a personnel "tone" in his guitar.

Influences:(Gary Moore, Jimi Hendrix, Ritchie Blackmoore,Mark Knopfler,......)

Take a look to MIGUITAR´S SONG LIST, LISTEN MIGUITAR`S demo, and SEND me your feedback.


"Old rockers will never die"







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