About Me
FAQ: Is that really you in that picture? Yes.
Where is the name Mihndar from? I made it up.
Are you a demon/satan worshipper? Um...no. Did you miss the angels and fairys in the gallerys or what?           Just because I draw monsters (not demons) doesn't mean I worship them.
Are you mentally messed up? I'd like to think not. I'm just an artist (or is that the same as crazy?).
Are you a lesbian? No. I like men *very* much. Especially cute, long-haired, fair-skinned, well-dressed...              oh, wait...that's Adrian *swoon* Um, yeah, I like real guys, too. That's been proven.
Who is Adrian? You poor deprived soul. Look up Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.
Why do you draw mostly women? Because I can't draw men well at all. Plus it's easier to draw women              when you see their near-naked bodies every day living in a girls' dorm. Now, if I were surrounded by a               bunch of near-naked guys every day, then I could draw men better. But, um...that's not going to happen             any time soon.
Do you do requests? Not usually, unless I like them a lot. (Try me. The worst I can tell you is no.)
Would you draw yaoi/hentai/porno? No. Don't even ask. I may do a nude now and then, but never porn.
Crappy pic of me in Irkalla outfit. I will put up a more recent one...later.
Name: Tara
Gender: Female.
Age: 20
Height: 5'7(1/2)" Short compared to my parents.
Hair: Dark Blonde. I was born a light blonde and it got darker.
Eyes: Some kind of greenish, bluish, hazel. (Or just blue.)
Nationality: 1/8 Native American, some Scandinavian, Russian, & European. Or I could just be vague and say I am Caucasian/White.
Country: USA (wheeee!)
State: Louisiana (booooo!)
Religion: Catholic (um... the non-Psycho-Christian type)
Favorite Food: Pizza!
Career Choices: Make-Up Effects Artist or Action Figure Sculptor
Favorite Saying: "Life is too short to drink cheap wine!"
Hobbies: Drawing (duh), playing video games, and browsing malls
School: College
Accent: NOT a "southern drawl"
I.Q.: Ummm... don't know. I'd like to think it's high.
ACT Score: 31 (35-verbal, 22-math, 33-reading, 31-science)
SAT Score: 1300 (710-verbal, 590-math)
Likes: Video games, TV, the Internet, overcast days, clear nights, good art, good food, a small group of open-minded happy people to hang out with, and all the other good things in life.
Dislikes: The steady decline of morals in our society and media, mosquitos, preps, bullies, people with no self-esteem and have no interest in getting any, people who don't realize they are wreaking their lives (or who do and don't care), people who obsess over something (i.e. a TV show) and that's all they talk about ALL THE TIME (did I just zing myslef? LOL.), overly-judgemental people, and people not getting or giving a second chance.
Favorite Song: "I'll Fly With You" by Gigi D'Agostino
Favorite Movie: "Death Becomes Her"
Favorite Musical:
Favorite Play:
Twelfth Night (Shakespeare)
Little-Known Quirky Facts:
That a lot of what I like and draw is symbolic of my inner workings in ways only I know... Umm.. and I like crossdressers. Male. Heterosexual. Non-pervy. Let's just say I like beautiful people ^_^  I have never found one yet... And if I did, would I like him? *Sigh* I hope my parents never read this!
Boyfriends: Haven't found the right one yet, as described above. They are so damn hard to find, especially my own age! *Purr* Pretty men... And any of you wishfuls out there (if any) had better know that I believe in the whole "no sex before marriage" thing. I mean it! Maybe that also explains why I haven't had any! *sigh* C'mon there has to be some of you who aren't perpetually horny! I'd *like* my future husband to be a virgin, too!
Looking?: Not right now. I have to finish college in 2006 and then I'm going to move up north to go to make-up school for 8 months. It's all kind of up in the air right now, but I am very career focused at this point. Even if the perfect man walked up to me, I'd still try to ignore him at this point... but oh how I wish he would wait!
Updated: 9/21/04.