~supporting our military in it's fight against terrorism! to all of our fliiboiis, navy, and marines! we thank you!
~thank you to all of the people who lost their lives in the 9-11 rescue efforts! our prayers are always with you!~
~ok... first things first, hands off this particular background please.... i built this one from my very soul.  It screams "Dammit Bonii!!"...
~Ok... I admit it.... I would rather shop for tubes than make them.  Having made that confession....I would love to share with you the beautiful art that I borrowed from some of the best artisans on the web.  I am working on this sight so please be patient.  I have tons of bordered backgrounds for you to choose from.  I also have some dividers, and.... a button rofl!. I would love for you to use my art, but please do not claim it as your own or post it on another download sight.  I can't wait to share with you some of the completely awesome tube sights I have visited!  I hope to include a little info about each sight, and what kind of art they offer.  I also hope to share some information about some of the many psp tricks I have learned and information I have begged for, on my damn knees, if you will lol, from some of the pros..... if you are seeking perfection, hit alt F4 now... if you appreciate sharing and the learning process... let's take a cruise thru my stuff hey!~                      ~bjh~

~While we are at it..... all images available for download on this sight are produced by and for Riilalitii Images, aka... boniijoh

-Link backs are appreciated with heartfelt gratitude and all that mushy stuff....... use the riialiti logo at the top of the page!
~Please note!!~  I have a huge amount of respect for these artists, as it takes a ton of talent, imagination, and time to create such beautiful art to share with anyone who wants to use it.  Some of the images are copyrighted, please respect those copyrights and do not post the images (including mine) on another download sight and offer them as your own or use them for commercial use without specific written permission from the artists.  Also,  the artists take great pride in their work, so make sure to thank them and sign their guest books.  If you use their images or have your own homepage please leave your url so they can visit you too!
~Coffee is on!!~