Michael Hall


Objective Systems Programming, vendor support and program development utilizing a strong background on IBM mainframes. Extensive development and product support background in Assembler, VSAM, ISPF and TSO REXX, IBM compiled REXX, and CA's OPS/MVS REXX. Some use of COBOL, limited PACBASE as well as Easytrieve. Support and installation of vendor packages including OPS/MVS, CA7 and CA11, Panvalet and Easytrieve+, Endevor and Endevor PDM. Support of in-house developed applications and cross application utilities.
Employment History
Analysts International - Contract to the Mayo Clinic
10/2000 - 11/2003
  • This job primarily involved the support of legacy in-house Assembler applications
  • Wrote timing macros that determined the cause of online delays for users
  • Tracked down the cause of a long standing bug causing occasional file corruption in one in-house file
  • Some elimination and conversion to DB2 of in-house legacy files
  • Set up macros for inline switching to 31 bit addressing
  • Did some work on DB2 stored procedures and minimal work in Cobol and Easytrieve as well
Fortis Benefits
Systems Programmer
4/1996 - 10/1999
  • I was responsible for support of OPS/MVS, maintaining existing automation and developing new automated procedures.
  • Most recent work was Y2K preparation for mainframe automation also involving the setup of automation on a new image.
  • For a time I was the only OPS/MVS support.
  • Automation was well established, controlling IPL's and task scheduling including IMS and CICS regions, as well as periodic MVS, JES and other commands.
  • I repleced the OPS/MVS ISPF primary panel with a RACF restricted, customizable, front-end that showed only options the user was authorized to access.
  • Wrote a queuing process for OPS/MVS with threaded and serial queues for processes where it was desired to safely run more than one process at the same time or to be assured only one occurrence of the automation was run at a time.
  • Set up control card based automation to remove data type information that was hardcoded into rules
Norwest Technical Services (Now Wells Fargo)
6/1972 - 10/1995
  • Implemented and established procedures for the Endevor library management product.
  • Received an innovator award for benchmarking the CA7 program product determining that access to one dataset for a certain process was bottle-necking performance and then modifying the vendor code to move some of the concerned records to memory. This resulted in a subsequent 70% reduction in I/O to this dataset and measurably improved performance.
  • Wrote a program to to access ICF catalogs as a VSAM dataset that perfomred faster than IDCAMs. Wrote ISPF front-ends to access and update VSAM control files in an in-house developed output distribution system