Sunday Sudoku Solver

A little more time into this week. Hint with any errors will flash the first one and return to solve. Other miscellaneous bug fixes. Most everything filled in. Have to decide on where to keep imported puzzles across platforms, whether or not to provide a way to solve them sequentially instead of just randomly, maybe list them and select. Need to do some generate templates, probably random selection. Documentation needs completing. I looked a little bit at Install4j for a Windows exe, IzPack I still figure will be the application installer. Figure out what I need to provide for licenses. So some done, I'm thinking more than half anyhow for sure. Still a chunk to do though.

Origin Basically, we had one good pencil eraser around the house. The ones that are actually on all the pencils are worthless. I mean I don't know how they can sell the things. So now that eraser is gone and when the Sunday Sudoku gets a little tricky and I need to backtrack, I'm usually in trouble. Bifuraction, one Sudoku book called the guessing and backtracking. Impressive sounding, maybe with this I can work it into my job hunting resume or every day conversation. Well, you know, I was doing some bifurcation this morning.

To use it. With the mode as 'setup' you enter the Sudoku that you want to solve from the Sunday paper or where-ever. You then change the mode to 'solve' and get as far along as you can. When you need to guess, you select a color and make your guess, if you need to guess again you then select a different color and get as far as you can with that. If want to erase your last choice you can use the < button. If you find that the last guess has led to something that won't work and you want to erase all of the choices for the current color you then use the << button.

My upload options currently appear to be a bit limited. The .dmg no longer is included. For now this contains the source, jar file, a ant build file now, and a .jnlp

I might have to look at my self-extracting jar code again.