NEWS AS OF MAY 1, 2002

After VERY careful consideration and the heavy weighing of options, certain factors of time were kept in mind.

I never thought that I'd be saying this so soon but I've decided that Mikami's Temple will no longer exist as of this moment. It's over, done, kaput, finished. No more Vegita and Bulma stuff, nothing....mostly due to's death and lack of time to rebuild EVERYTHING all over again.

I really want to thank everybody who visited here from the very beginning and who supported the site. It was ALWAYS very much appreciated. Thank you so much.

HOWEVER, my other site is STILL up and running. My SEIYA AND USAGI site. It can be found at: I hope you are open-minded and will consider visiting.

Anyway, that's it. Thanks again !!!!!!!!! Remember, VEGITA AND BULMA FOREVER !!!


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