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The Wages of Spend Is Debt - Mark Heard

Hi - welcome to this primitive site. Updating it is not much of a priority for me, but here goes for 11/5/2005/. On February 5,2005 I was terminated from the employment with Roadway Express, the company that had been my bread and butter for 35 years and 7 months. I was given notice on my cell phone via voice mail. I was shocked and devastated, but saw it coming due to hand outs given in the December 2004 area stating there would be cutbacks happening in the beginning of 2005. My only question when I received the hand out was "Does seniority mean anything?" The answer was a definitive "NO!".
FedEx Ground is my new employer since late June and I am back in the saddle again. Enough of that drivel. Music is my passion and I have very slanted opinions on what is good and what is bad. A wanna-be professional since I taught myself guitar at age 16, I have never gotten farther that a stint in a bar here and there, or recently in the music ministry in local churches. I sold all of my vintage guitars and prized Martin to support the family in recent months but did pick up a new Martin. It is not my old D-41 but it will suffice.. It is not like I am going to be playing professionally anytime soon. I am still happy to play my wife,Kathy's(1965 area) Epiphone 6-string with no markings that I can find on it. I do still have the OLD Gretsch Viking serial number 27673. The owner of this is my oldest friend who let me borrow it years ago. He got it because it was the closest he could get to the Gretsch's sound that Neil and Steve used in the Buffalo Springfield. My musical tastes range from beginning with Buffalo Springfield to presently a very much under-rated and just plain ignorned group called Vigilantes Of Love. This is my web page.. Enjoy it .... or not ....
My new passion.. which is photography. I am currently attempting to leap from amatuer to professional, which will be easier said than done. My galleryAnd so it goes!

for comments and suggestions (not that I would heed them) e-mail me

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