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My pic   Thank you for visiting my home page. As is usual for web sites, this site is under constant renovation. Please excuse the construction debris... 8-)

On my page, you will find links to various Malaysian sites such as ISPs, cellular service providers, financial institutions, print and electronic media, sports related sites, and some Malaysian manufacturers. You will also find some links to free homepage and email resources.

I know, it's been a very long time since I updated my site as I have been very busy with work. A lot of things have happened since. The banks have merged, some of the cellphone companies have merged, so some of my information is outdated. Mobile phones are now able to send SMS messages to the phones from other mobile operators

Broadband is finally here, but I'm still waiting for mine... sigh!!


I have a section detailing any contests, freebies, giveaways, etc. that I am aware of. However, lately the economic slowdown has affected many companies, and the number of contests has dropped tremendously. A number of contest sites have also stopped operating. Follow this link to view this section.

Current News

* Lobo and Sarah Brightman recently held concerts here.

* Currently, the Starlight Cinema Outdoor Cinema Festival by Nokia is on again. The venue is at Bukit Kiara from 4 June until 10 July, 2004. Get a chance to win some tickets at their Contest page.

Cool Links

Here are some of my links to other sites on the Web

Malaysian Links - Celine Dion's Fan Website
Internet Service Providers & Internet Services
Jaring The first Malaysian Internet Service Provider (by MIMOS). Please contact one of the JASP to get a Jaring internet account. Previously at
TMNet Telekom Malaysia, the second Malaysian ISP provider. Click here to view their rates.
Maxis.Net Maxis.Net, another Malaysian ISP provider, providing internet access. Initially offering free internet access, they have now switched over to paid internet access.
Celcom.Net Celcom.Net, the latest Malaysian ISP provider, providing free internet access with no registration, annual, or monthly fees. Users also collect points while online, which can be used to get rebates on their bills. Users are also given an email account with 10MB disk space. Currently only available to Celcom mobile Postpaid, and Celcom Fixed line users.
Time Net The latest Internet Service Provider. They are also offering free internet access, 10MB home page, and 10MB email space.
Silicon Internet Look for Silicon Internet, a Jaring Access Service Provider (JASP) here. Click here to view their rates.
Utusan Jaring Utusan Jaring, another Jaring Access Service Provider (JASP). Click here to view their rates.
Nasionet Nasionet, another Internet Access Service Provider.
Putra Net Putra Net, another Internet Access Service Provider.
IBM Global Network Premier Internet Dial Access from VADS Sdn. Bhd. By IBM Global Network.
NetCard Public Internet Access Kiosks. Uses a prepaid Smartcard for internet access, email, etc. The NetCard stations are multimedia stations located in public and other popular locations such as shopping centres, cinemas, airports, hotels, etc. The service is no longer available
Malaysia.Net Web site on Malaysia & Malaysian links. You can sign up for a Free homepage with 2MB disk space and email accounts here too.
e-MY Home page of e-MY, a Malaysian site providing Free E-mail IDs to Malaysians.
Catcha Mail Free email IDs from this Asian region search portal.
Digicert Home page of Digicert, Malaysia's only licensed Certification Authority.
MyNIC Home page of MyNIC, the Malaysian Domain Name Registration Authority. Have recently appointed outside agents to offer registration services. New Home page of Sdn Bhd which is the first Malaysian company to sell digital certificates online. It was recently appointed as a registration authority by DigiCert Sdn Bhd.

Download Sites
TuCows Malaysian mirror site for The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software.
TuCows Linux site at Jaring Malaysian mirror site for The Ultimate Collection of Linux Software.
Jaring Malaysian mirror site for SimTel archives at Jaring.

Print and Electronic Media
The Star a Malaysian daily tabloid.
The New Straits Times Web site of Malaysian Daily newspaper.
Berita Information Systems Web site of Malaysian Daily newspaper.
Utusan Online Web site of Utusan Malaysia newspaper in Bahasa Malaysia (Malay language).
Nanyang Siang Pau Online Web site of Nanyang Siang Pau, a Chinese language newspaper.
Time Highway Radio Listen to a Malaysian radio station. (RealAudio plugin required).
RTM.Net ListenM to Radio Television Malaysia, the Malaysian radio station.
Astro Radio Latest entry to the Malaysian radio station scene.
MIX FM Radio Website of MIX FM Radio station.
HITZ Radio Website of HITZ Radio. You can also try this site :
Light and Easy Website of the 'Light and Easy' radio station.
TV3 The first independent TV station after RTM1 and RTM2. Changed to 24-hour transmission, but then recently reverted back to non-24 hour transmission.
Metrovision The second independent TV station. Have stopped operating.
NTV 7 The latest independent TV station to spring up.
NTV 7 The latest independent TV station to spring up.
DVR Player Online portal for a number of the Malaysian radio stations where you can listen to them. You need to register as an epass member.

Malaysian Wireless Communications Links
TimeCel 017 GSM 1800 - Time-Telekom. Previously owned by Sapura Digital Sdn. Bhd.. The last of the mobile providers to launch a Prepaid card, the TIMECel Prepaid card.
ART900 ETACS 900 - Cellular Communications. The first cellular phone system in Malaysia, and is currently still in limited use.
ATUR 450 NMT 450 - Telekom Malaysia. The first mobile phone system in Malaysia, it is still in operation.
Celcom GSM GSM 900 - Cellular Communications. You can now send email from a Celcom phone, and receive internet email on a Celcom mobile phone using SMS. Click here to find out more. They also have their Speek! Prepaid service. Celcom prepaid users can now use their Maybank or Mayban Finance ATM cards to purchase their Celcom Prepaid Recharge Code. You can download their leaflet in Adobe PDF format here. They have also announced the availability of internet access using the mobile phone.
Digi 1800 GSM 1800 - Now known as DiGi Telecommunications Sdn. Bhd. The first company to launch a Prepaid service. Now has an online customer service centre. Subscribers can send SMS messages, view their bills, check balance, subcribe to or unsubscribe from value-added services, change billing address, and check their PUK1 code. Subscribers can send SMS messages to other subscribers from here. Make sure you have your subscriber reference and I.C. number handy to sign up for the online customer service.
Maxis GSM 900 - Binariang Sdn. Bhd. Maxis also have their Hotlink Prepaid service.
Mobifon 800 AMPS/DAMPS 800 - Mobikom. Recently bought over by Telekom Malaysia. Mobikom also introduced a MobiAccess prepaid service. I do not know whether the system is still in operation.
TMTouch GSM 1800 - Telekom Malaysia. (also operating NMT 450, AMPS/D-AMPS, and CT2 networks). Also recently launched a Prepaid scheme. They have also set up a new web page.
eBuzz eBuzz site. This paid service (free Guest accounts wth 10 credits also available) allows the user to send email messages from your handphone, send SMS messages to all the local GSM networks, and other services.
Maxis Net SMS Service Maxis.Net's free SMS sending service, is exclusively for Maxis.Net subscribers only. You can send up to 20 messages a day to Maxis and Hotlink phones. SMS The site now allows sending of SMS messages by registered users to the Maxis (012), Digi (016), Adam (017), and Celcom (019) cellular networks. Due to abuse of the facility, they now require users to register their handphone number with Catha to use this facility. They have now terminated this service due to some problems.
AsiaOnAir SMS The site's SMS message facility allows sending of SMS messages by registered users to the Maxis (012), Digi (016), Adam (017), and Celcom (019) cellular networks. The Asiaonair site is no longer available.
WebStar WebStar site. You can send SMS messages to subscribers of the Digi 1800 and Maxis cellular phone networks - sorry to say that the SMS send feature has been terminated.
Web Paging Infomal's web page where you can send SMS messages to Celcom (019) users, page Electcoms pager users, page Easycall pager users (subscribed users only), and page ICQ EmailExpress users.
EasyCall EasyCall Malaysia - pager service company. You can send messages to EasyCall Malaysia subscribers. Requires subscription to the service to be able to send through the web site.

Contests, Freebies, Giveaways, etc
Ending Date
Contests Sites
MTVAsia contests Check out MTV Asia's web site. You now need to be a registered user to enter the contests. There is a list of current contests and winners of previous contests on this page. Great prizes to be won. Check it out.
eGenting Contests Check out Genting's web site. They regularly have contests where you stand a chance to win tickets for events held there. You have sign up as a registered user to enter the contests. There is a list of winners of previous contests here.
Cinema Online Enter CinemaOnline's contest to win movie passes and other goodies. You now need to be a registered user to enter the contests. Buzz Check out's site regularly for new contest listings and list of winners of previous contests. You need to be a registered user to enter the contests. Contests Check out's contest page. They have links to a number of other local contests too.
LycosAsia's Jackpot Zone Check out LycosAsia's Jackpot Zone for their current contests. You now need to be a registered user to enter the contests.
Current Contests
Win Movie Passes Enter Cinemaonline's contest to win movie passes.
Contests that have recently Ended
TIMECel 017-Nokia 7110 Contest In this joint TIMECel 017 & Nokia contest, there is a Nokia 7110 dual-band WAP-enabled GSM handphone to be won each week. All you have to do is answer a few questions and come up with a creative slogan. You must be a registered user of Time Net, and only one entry per week is allowed.
MSN Dollars Phase 3 Phase 3 of MSN Dollars has started (01-09-2000 until 31-12-2000). Sign up with Microsoft MSN Dollars to be able to collect MSN Dollars daily which can be redeemed for gifts. Sign up with MSN Dollars, and for a Microsoft Passport. You can start collecting points by visiting MSN Channels and answering daily Spot Quizes. Points can also be collected by creating and activating your own web site on MSN Communities, promoting the site to your friends, participating in the weekly Fare Gain, and the Blue Hour. The PrizeShelf for Phase 3 will open from 1st December until 30th December. After that, all points collected will be cleared and everything will start afresh in January 2001.
PJ Hilton Contest! This contest, all you have to do is answer 4 simple questions and a slogan for a chance to win great prizes. Prizes include 2 night stay at PJ Hilton inclusive of breakfast, dinner for two, dim sum lunch for two, and so on.
ZDNetAsia's eBuzz Quest This is the last week of the contest! This ZDNetAsia contest runs for seven weeks, with S$500 to be won each week. Each week they will release 20 words and their associated meanings. You will need to find all the 40 tags for a chance to win the weekly s$500.
To view older contests, click here

Free E-Mail and Homepages
Free Malaysian Homepage sites
Malaysia.Net Get a FREE Home Page with 2MB space at the Malaysia.Net site. Use FTP to upload your files.
Free Web-Browser Based E-mail ID
MailCity Asia Get a FREE web-browser-based e-mail account with 8MB of disk space here. is offering e-mail accounts with 6MB of disk space here.
Catcha mail is offering e-mail accounts with 5MB of disk space.
MyWeb mail MyWeb is offering free Mymail e-mail accounts. Netvigator is offering free services for members, including an 8MB mailbox, 6MB for homepage, and other services.
MalaysiaFocus mail AsiaOnAir is offering free web-based e-mail accounts with 6MB mailbox.
AsiaOnAir mail AsiaOnAir is offering free web-based e-mail accounts. The Asiaonair site is no longer available.
Mycari mail Get a FREE web-browser-based e-mail account here. Access and send e-mail through a web browser anytime and anyplace.

Malaysian Financial Institutions
The Arab-Malaysian Banking Group with banking, finance, merchant bank, assurance, and other financial services. You can check their FD and exchange rates, and other financial services. Has merged with MBf Finance recently. Is now called AmBank Group.
BHL Bank
Ban Hin Lee Bank has now merged with Public Bank.
Previously Bank Bumiputra, they have now merged with another bank (forgot the name) and is is now called Bumiputra-Commerce Bank.
Bank Simpanan Nasional. You can apply for premium certificates online and check out previous draw winners here.
Citibank Malaysia.
HSBC Bank Malaysia
HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad. Or you can try this link.
Hong Leong
Hong Leong Bank Berhad.
Malayan Banking Berhad.
MBf Finance
Previously MBf Finance, it has now merged with the AmBank Group.
Allied Bank
Previously Phileo Allied Bank, it has now merged with Malayan Banking (Maybank).
Public Bank
Public Bank.
Southern Bank Berhad.

Sports and Leisure
Kuala Lumpur 98 The official Kuala Lumpur 98 - XVI Commonwealth Games site gives you more information about the 16th Commonwealth Games. The games were held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from September 11 - 21, 1998.
Ticket Express Visit Ticket Express to book tickets for various events. This site was also used for booking of tickets for the 16th Commonwealth Games.
XSMusic Malaysian local music goes on line.
Hard Rock Cafe Hard Rock Cafe, Kuala Lumpur's home page
American Chilis American Chilis Grill & Bar, a restaurant/bar serving Tex-Mex food. Find out how to get there by clicking here.
Lat's House Home page of one of Malaysia's most popular cartoonists. Find his works here, and find out more about him.
Golden Screen Cinemas Golden Screen Cinemas home page. Visit their site to find out about this cineplex chain.
Tanjung Golden Village Tanjung Golden Village home page. Visit their site to find out about this cineplex chain.

Manufacturers and Industry
Cal-Lab Group Produces Malaysian designed Lightning Isolators. A US Patented product.
Lion logo The Lion Group home page. This corporation is involved with steel manufacturing and finishing, automobiles, automotive parts and motor oils, chocolate manufacture, computers, retail, acquculture, education, finance, insurance, and a whole lot more. Visit their site to find out what else they do.
Likom logo Likom. They are OEM/ODM manufacturers of computers, monitors, keyboards, switching power supplies, casings, plastic mouldings, Printed Circuit boards, and CD-ROM drives.
EON Web site of Edaran Otomobil Nasional, the distributor for the Proton Iswara, Wira, and Perdana range of cars.
Perodua Web site of Perodua, another national car manufacturer producing the Perodua Kancil compact car, Kembara 4WD, and Rusa van. Visit their virtual showroom to either place orders, preview the interior, exterior, colour schemes or specifications, apply for Hire Purchase or insurance, and calculate downpayment or installments.

Travel & Places to Visit
Tourism Malaysia Tourism Malaysia web site
Travel Malaysia Visit the Travel Malaysia web site to find out more about Malaysia and places to visit. by Shufiyan Shukur.
MAS Malaysian Airlines System's web site
Royal Selangor Web site of Royal Selangor which produces quality pewter wares.
Menara Kuala Lumpur Visit Menara Kuala Lumpur, the world's 4th tallest tower, and the tallest in South-East Asia. There's a pedestrian mall, shops, a mini theatre, amphitheatre, observation platform, and a revolving restaurant. You can also try this site.
Genting Resort Web site of Gentings Resort. Go there for a cool getaway, with a theme park, golf resort, casino facilities, etc.
Star Cruises Web site of Star Cruise line. Find out about their cruises, the destinations, costs, and dates.
Touch 'n Go Touch 'n Go - A new way of travel. Uses a stored value smartcard which can be used on several transit systems such as Putra PRT, PLUS Highway, Park May buses, Elite Highway, Penang Bridge, etc. New site under construction.. Previously at

Malaysian Educational Sites
UM Web site of Universiti Malaya, Kuala Lumpur - the first university in Malaysia.
UPM Online Web site of Universiti Putra Malaysia
USM Web site of Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang.
UKM Web site of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Bangi.
SIT Sepang Institute of Technology's home page. A local institute located in Klang, Selangor.
ITM Institut Teknologi MARA's home page.
Reliance College Reliance College's home page.
KDU Kolej Damansara Utama's home page.
APIIT Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology's home page. Specialises in IT and computer education.
MIM Web site of Malaysian Institute of Management.
Informatics Informatic Group of College's home page. Also specialises IT courses.
Nilai College Nilai College's home page. A fully residential private institute of higher learning located in Bandar Baru Nilai.
Universiti Telekom Malaysia Universiti Telekom's (Multimedia University) home page. Malaysia's first government approved private university offercing courses in telecommunictions, multimedia, computers, IT and systemsm etc.
Futurekids Futurekid's home page. Provides computer classes for kids (and adults too).
UNITAR University Tungku Abdul Rahman. Bachelors and postgraduate degree studies, the virtual way.
HELP Institute Web site of HELP Institute. Offers Bachelor of Business, and Bachelor or Information Technology.
Sunway College Web site of Sunway College - School of Hospitality Management.
Systematic Web site of Systematic.
Kolej Bandar Utama Web site of College Bandar Utama.
Taylor's College Web site of Taylor's College.
HELP Institute Web site of HELP Institute.
Sedaya College Web site of Sedaya College.
ICOM Web site of the International College of Music.
INTI College Web site of INTI College. Offering courses in Tourism Management.
Kemayan ATC Web site of Kemayan Advance Tertiary College.

Government & related sites
Tourism Malaysia Tourism Malaysia web site
Malaysian Meteorological Centre Visit this site to check the current weather conditions in Malaysia and even view satellite pictures..
Suruhjaya Pilihan Raya Web site for the Malaysian Election Commission. Entirely in Bahasa Malaysia. Find out more information about it's organisation, relevant Acts, the political parties, etc. Allows voters to check if they are already registered to vote..
Inland Revenue Department Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri. Web site of the Malaysian income tax department..
Road Transport Department Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan or more popularly known as JPJ. Web site of the Road Transport Department of Malaysia.
Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur Dewan Bandaraya KL, or DBKL, is the Kuala Lumpur City Hall. You can view real-time traffic conditions from their traffic cameras around the city on this site.
Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Selangor Pebadanan Kemajuan Negeri Selangor, or PKNS.

Miscellaneous Malaysian Sites
eGuide Search portal A comprehensive online business directory that guides you to every specific information on local companies.
Optimax Laser Eye Centre Website of the Optimax Laser Eye Centre, offering Laser eye surgery using LASKI or PRK.
MPH Bookstore Online storefront of MPH bookstore. Previous web site was
Midvalley Megamall Web site of Kuala Lumpur's latest megamall, the Midvalley Megamall, claiming to be the largest in South-East Asia. Malaysian web auction site. now called
Tour de Langkawi Web site to promote the Tour de Langkawi 2000. The Tour de Langkawi is the official cycling tour of Malaysia and is on the international calendar.
Jen Software Professionals Web site of Jen Software Professionals, a staff recruitment/placement agency.
PDX Web site of PDX, an MSC status company developing software products and solutions for online electronic services and internet software.
Chubb Malaysia Malaysian web site of Chubb, a well established company in the safes, burglar alarms, and security business.
E1000 Web site for e-shopping. Sign up at this site for the change to get discount coupons from local outlets. This site is no longer updated.
Bonuslink Web site of the Bonuslink card. Find out which merchants you can collect Bounuslink reward points from when you make purchases. You can now apply for a PIN number to login and check your account status and redeem your points.
Petronas Web site of the Malaysian petroleum company.
Great Eastern Local web site of the Great Eastern Life insurance company.
Missing Persons List of missing persons. If you see any of them, please contact the MCA at the number or e-mail listed on the Missing Persons page.
Malaysian Grand Prix Web site of Sepang International Grand Prix Circuit.
Boustead Mint Web site of the Boustead Mint.
111 Flowers Order flowers through the internet for delivery anywhere in Malaysia. Another site selling flowers, etc.
Microsoft Malaysia You can find out about local events or sign up for a local electronic newsletter.
Diners Club Visit their local site to find out more about their promotions, Club Rewards, Cardmember benefits, and so on.
Magnum 4D Magnum Corporation's Web site. One for the gambling enthusiasts.
Sports Toto Another one for the gambling enthusiasts. Check the Sports Toto results here.
John Hancock Local web site of the John Hancock life insurance firm. Learn more about life insurance in Malaysia.
Follow Me Web site of Follow Me. Manufacturers of shampoos, hair and skin care products, etc.
Paradise Hotel Web site of Paradise Hotel at Tanjung Bungah in the state of Penang, and several other locations.
Midtowne Hotel Web site of Midtowne Hotel. Also located in the state of Penang.
MSC Times MSC Times, an online newspaper chronicling developments and achievements of the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) Covers MSC companies, MESDAQ, technological breakthroughs, personalities, government initiatives, regulartory issues, and development projects funded by MSC Corp.
MESDAQ Malaysian Exchange of Securities Dealing & Automated Quotation Bhd. Stock exchange specialising in growth and technology companies. Includes prospectuses of listed companies at its' site in PDF format.
KLSE Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange. Info on Malaysian public listed companies
CyberCity BBS A Malaysian BBS, CyberCity's home page. The only one I know that has a web site.
Cari Search Engine specifically for Malaysian sites
Malaysia OnLine Looking for a job? You can find a list of jobs available here. hot news The first 10,000 MOL members that surfs to this MOL page, can apply for a free Call One, DigiSign ID Certificate.
JobStreet Jobs listings, job/recruitment news.
Year 2000 Public Holidays View a list of Malaysian National and State public holidays for 2000 at the Malaysia OnLine site.
Port Klang Web site of Port Klang, a port on the west coast of Malaysia along the Straits of Malacca, and with modern facilities.
Motor Trader Web page of a publication available on the newstands.
Petronas Web site of Petronas, the Malaysian petroleum company.
British Council Local web site of the British Council.
Carrefour Local web site of the French Carrefour hypermarket chain. Currently celebrating their fifth year in Malaysia.
Guardian Local web site of the Guardian chain of pharmacies.
Travel Web Site with information about the transporatation industry in Malaysia. Includes links to air and surface transporatation, and all the major airports in Malaysia.
Yellow Pages Web site of the Yellow Pages directory.

Non-Malaysian Links

Other Cellular Related Links
Cellnet, UK A UK cellular phone network. Operates ETACS and GSM900 networks.
Vodafone, UK The second UK cellular phone network. Operates ETACS & GSM900 networks
Orange, UK A UK GSM1800 cellular phone network
One2One, UK Another UK GSM1800 cellular phone network
Vodafone Australia - An Australian cellular phone network
Optus - An Australian cellular phone network
Motorola Motorola home page with links to their mobile phone products
Nokia Nokia home page with links to their mobile phone products
Ericsson Ericsson's home page with links to their mobile phones and DECT phone products

Other Links
Novell Web site Find out about Novell products and their CNE programs
CNEs on the Web A list of Novell Certified Netware Engineers on the Web. It appears this page has been shut down due to lack of interest.
The HTML Writers Guild The HTML Writers' Guild home page

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Free Homepage and POP E-mail ID
GeoCities animated logo Yahoo! GeoCities - Get a FREE Personal Home Page and e-mail account here. You get a free homepage with 15MB disk space and a POP3 e-mail account. Use the web browser or FTP to upload the files, or use the web browser to edit the files. Now part of Yahoo!
Other Free Homepage sites
Angelfire Get a FREE Personal Home Page with 5MB space. You also get a Web-based e-mail account. Use your web browser to update the site.
Tripod Get a FREE Personal Home page with 11MB space. Use your web browser to update the site.
Free POP3 Email
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These are e-mail services which can be accessed anywhere you have internet access; whether at home, college, work, a friend's place, or a cybercafe. You can use them even when you travel overseas, or use one for a personal ID separate from your work ID.
Hotmail animated logo HotMail - Get a FREE web-browser-based e-mail account here. Access and send e-mail through a web browser anytime and anyplace. Mail box size is 2MB. Now part of Microsoft.
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Excite Mail Another FREE web-browser-based e-mail account here with 3MB mail box. Also accessed through a web browser.
American Express American Express, the charge card company, is offering FREE web-browser-based e-mail account here with 5MB mail box. Email service actually using Have changed to paid service.
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FREE Email!-iNAME logo iNAME - FREE e-mail redirection services. You can use the same e-mail ID even when changing jobs or service providers. Have terminated the free redirection service. Now offering only free Web-Mail service (100MB).
NetForward Another FREE e-mail redirection service. Also allows webpage redirection.
Other Free Homepage Links
Max Lee's Free Webpage Provider Review Here is a very good list of Free resources. Includes a list of free web page sites, e-mail accounts, counters, guestbooks, etc.
Free Homepage list Here is another site with a list of free homepage sites.
Free Stuff on the net This page gives you links to all kinds of free stuff on the internet.

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