Yoshi’s Dream Page

Of Yoshi Island

Welcome to the Yoshi’s Dream Page Of

Yoshi Island!

In this web page, you will find pictures of

Yoshi(s). I hope you find the pictures

of Yoshis as cool as I do.

This is a picture of three Yoshis

(green, yellow and blue).

This is my favorite picture.

This is of a season of

Giving (Yoshi is giving to his friends

and enemies).

This is some of Yoshi’s

Abilities (running and jumping).

This is a common sight of

Yoshi. He is holding an

umbrella and floating.

This is a picture of the Yoshis and Poochie.

This is Yoshi saying "Peace".

This is Yoshi in Mario Kart.



These are Yoshi eggs that you will find in

Yoshi Story.


This is Boshi, he is Yoshi’s rival just like Mario and Wario.


This is Yoshi in a Kart in Mario Kart.


This is Yoshi coming out of his egg.


This is Birdo. She is Yoshi’s girlfriend.


This is Baby Mario (Mario’s past). He is and was Yoshi’s best friend in the world.


I hoped you liked it. Please go to the link(s) below.

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