Mike's poetry, and this site have won several awards and distinctions, some of which are listed here.

Poetry Awards

Rose International Publishing House Inc

"Congratulations to Mike Subritzky, the 'War Poet' of New Zealand. In recognition of the outstanding poetry written & compiled in "The Flak Jacket Collection" we proudly offer this award. Visit Mike's site to read his poetry."
Poem of the Month - July 2000Poem of the Month award - Dawn's House of Poetry, July 2000 for "Kiwi Peacekeepers"
"Dawn's House of Poetry is proud to present the  Poem of the Month award! This award will be presented to all poems we feel were written from the heart and which we feel were written with creativity and thought. Although many poems deserve this special award we will only choose two or three poems each month. All poems that have received this award will be tagged with a special ribbon (as seen above)"
Australian Poetic Society Choice Poem Award - Australian Poetic Society for "Sarajevo Haiku"
Maggies Award Central - Golden Helm Award Golden Helm Award - Maggie's Award Central for "Subritzky Epic"
Featured Poet - Winter 2000 - New Zealand Nexus Poetry Collection
Featured Poet - August 2000 - New Zealand Writers Website Featured Poet - September 2000 - New Zealand Writers Website
Millennium Peace Poem - Contributing Poet - United Nations, New York, 19 Sept 2000 Featured Poet - Comrades Magazine, November 2000
Australian Amateur Poetry Club"Greetings Mike, I visited your page and enjoyed them very much, although the context in them was heart rendering... as founder of the Australian Amateur Poetry Club... I would like to give you this Award... from what I have seen and read... you deserve it..." - Maralyn Cook
Selected Poem, POW+MIA Families Organisation, USA, 2000 for "December Dreamtime"
The National League of Families of American Prisoners and Missing in Southeast Asia's sole purpose is to obtain the release of all prisoners, the fullest possible accounting for the missing and repatriation of all recoverable remains of those who died serving our nation during the Vietnam War.
White Eagle Award for Outstanding Polish Cultural Sites

White Eagle Award for Outstanding Polish Cultural Sites, Excellence, High Merit and Achievement.
from the Polish Nobility Association

THE QUILTS OF TEARS - Vietnam Agent Orange Memorial Quilt
For "Agent Orange - Roll Call"
"Dear Mike, We would be pleased and honored to have your Vietnam Agent Orange Victims in our Quilts of Tears. I would like for you to know you will be the first country outside of the United States to be represented in the Quilts. It will be an honor to have your fellow country men together with ours, I am so very pleased you asked. God bless the Agent Orange Victims, I will never allow them to be forgotten.....
Look forward to hearing from you....."
"It is our earnest and sincere desire to have your loved ones, living or dead, represented in the Quilts of Tears. We want to show the general public what happened to these victims and that they will NOT be forgotten. Please help us to honor your loved ones. To those of us whose lives have been affected by Agent Orange, it has now become interwoven into the FABRIC of our lives. The Quilts of Tears is the Wall for Agent Orange Victims.
Jennie Le Fevre, Agent Orange Widow"
The "Puckered Pete" Award from the folks at VXE6 Sqn, US Navy for "Air Devron Squadron"
Shadow Poetry - Excellence in PoetryShadow Poetry's Excellence in Poetry Award Featured Poet, Poetry Magazine Web Site for October 2000


Site Awards

Australian Memorial Pages - Awarded 7 Mar 2001
"We would like to award you (Subs) and Bob, our Australian Memorial Pages Award of Excellence for the great work that you both have done on this website.
I enjoy coming here often to read your work Subs, and to see if Bob has made any changes to it. This is one of my favourite websites on the internet"
Site Award for "A Great Contibution to the World Wide Web" Great Site design, A Great Contribution to the World Wide Web - The Poet Watch, Sept 2000
"Stopped by your site --- Terrific pages. Great Design. Great contribution to the World Wide Web. I am much impressed. I am awarding your site the Poet's Award." - Ernest Slyman
Australian Artillery Award from 106 Bty, RAA Australian Artillery Site Award from 106 Battery, RAA, Sept 2000
"You have got a great site there Mike, I enjoyed my visit. Will be back to it for sure very soon.... We have also decided to start a 28th ANZUK Regiment group on the Internet, hoping that we can talk you into joining us, mate..... Ubique, Peter J. Tibbett."
CM AwardHello Mike,
Congratulations!! . . . . . . Your site definitely qualifies for the "Critical Mass Award". A very nice site, excellent design, clever original graphics, great poetry, and your content is informative, entertaining, presented well and easy to access. A worthy enterprise and a positive contribution to the Web.
Thanks for helping make the Web a more interesting, fun and attractive place to visit. I really enjoyed my visit to your site and will return again when time permits :)"
Award from Police Guide Web SiteAward from, your guide to Cop Culture.
"Hi Mike, Thanks for visiting our site and signing the guestbook. Your poetry is wonderful and we especially liked "South Pole Station". We did not see a guestbook, so if we missed it please let us know and we will be more than happy to sign it for you! You have a beautiful site and we would like to give you an award for your site......
Wendell and Nancy Deer With Horns
Deer With Horns Native American Indian Site"
Amazing site, this - The poem "A soldier died today" bought tears to my eyes - Bob
Electronic Reproductions Australia Site AwardFrom Electronic Reproductions Australia
"We are pleased to announce that your site has achieved a rating of 9. A great site. It uses a good layout. Is easy to read and navigate. The site has original presentation, original content, good colour co-ordination, .......
Keep up the great work. Andrew Butler"
Ranked with Worldwide Veterans Topsites ranked #31 at WorldWide Veterans Topsite, Sept 2000
"Congratulations! We browsed through your pages and were very impressed with your site. Hence, we present you with the Veterans' Resource Center Site of Excellence Award. Keep the faith!"

Award from 28 ANZUK Field Regiment
Awarded 26 October 2002


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