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My name is Mike Voth of Troop 664 out of Muenster, Texas. I was at Philmont, a scout camp in New Mexico, from July 14, 1999 through July 26, 1999. It was truly one of the best experiences I've ever had.

I was in a crew of eleven people- eight scouts and three adults. We were on Trek 10 and our expedition number was 714-D-2. There is a day-to-day diary of our adventures on the trail below.

At my site you can find photos from my trip and ways to prepare your crew for Philmont.

"Take me back to Philmont, I wanna go back to Philmont !"


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Philmont Hymn

Silver on the sage, Star-lit skies above

Aspen Covered Hills, Country that I love.

Philmont here's to the, Scouting paradise

Out in God's country- tonight

Wind in whisp'ring pines, Eagles soaring high

Purple mountain rise, Against and azure sky.

Philmont here's to thee, Scouting paradise

Out in God's country- tonight

John Westfall 1945

Philmont Grace

For food, for raiment,

For life, for opportunity,

For friendship and fellowship,

We thank Thee, O Lord



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