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About the Midland Section

The Midland Section covers Birmingham and the surrounding counties.  Technical meetings are usually held in Birmingham or Coventry, although we like to arrange visits further afield.  We try to support the next generation of control engineers by awarding various prizes to students studying at any of the local universities.  These student prizes are locally funded.

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Programme of Events

Year 2008-2009 Meetings

Visitors are welcome to attend any of the technical meetings.
An introduction by a member is not necessary.

Light refreshments are available from 6:30 p.m. unless stated otherwise.

Future Events

Thursday 9th April 2009
Annual General Meeting
6:00 p.m. at Westley Hotel, Westley Road, Acocks Green, Birmingham.
(Followed by dinner in the restaurant.)

Previous events for this year

Saturday 5th July 2008
A Behind the Scenes Look at Conservation & Restoration at the RAF Museum, Cosford.
12:30, 13:15 or 14:00 by invitation
Booking is essential, via Jlongton@theiet.org

Thursday 10th April 2008
Annual General Meeting
6:00 p.m. at Westley Hotel, Westley Road, Acocks Green, Birmingham.
(Followed by dinner in the restaurant.)
Wednesday 23rd April 2008
Automotive Control SIG Meeting
9:00 a.m. at MIRA Ltd, Nuneaton, Warwickshire.
(Register at: Applied Control Technology Consortium )

Tuesday 6th May 2008
RAF Museum Cosford presents:
The Real Weapons of Aerial Combat

6 p.m. at Austin Court, Birmingham.
(Register at: www.theiet.org/Birmingham )

Tuesday 27th May 2008
Hydro-Boat Talk & Tour
Fuel Cell Technology and its Development

6 p.m. at Austin Court, Birmingham.
(Register at: www.theiet.org/Birmingham )

Other Events

Other events that are of interest to measurement and control technologists are organised by NPL (National Physical Laboratory). For further details contact:

Melanie Williams, NPL, Queens Road, Teddington, TW11 0LW melanie.williams@npl.co.uk 020 8943 6121



Please revisit this page in the near future for the latest details of the technical programme.

All Technical Meetings count towards CPD.

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Feedback from Recent Meetings

An Introduction to Foundation Fieldbus (9 Feb 2000)
This was a very successful meeting with a live demonstration of the Foundation Fieldbus technology.  The presentation was both interesting and informative and was followed by a lively discussion session.

Student Projects Evening (15 Mar 2000)
Regrettably this meeting had to be cancelled, but it is hoped that it will be on the 2001 calendar.  In previous years the students have presented their final year projects.  The presentations have been to a very high standard and participating students have been rewarded with prizes.

Annual General Meeting (12 Apr 2000)
Along with the usual business of the A.G.M., there was an update on the future academic standards required for new members (IEng & CEng) and the current position regarding CPD.  These weighty matters were then followed by a fine meal at the hotel.

The Internet & e-Commerce (15 Nov 2000)
A fascinating presentation, charting the origins of the World Wide Web through to the present day and likely future developments.   Quite apart from the technicalities, some of the social, political and of course economic implications are vast in an environment with no regard for national boundaries.

Visit to Land Rover Calibration Centre (27 Feb 2001)
The visit to Land Rover's impressive calibration centre was well attended and proved to be a very informative evening.  Our thanks to Land Rover.

Decommissioning of Nuclear Power Sites (19 Mar 2001)
This lecture reported the progress the UKAEA is making in decommissioning a number of reactors around the UK.  Several sites have already been returned to grassland.  Their aim is to return all unwanted sites to 'nature' with no more risk than driving a car 50 miles in one year.

Visit to DELCAM - Advances in Computer Aided Manufacture (12 Mar 2002)
The visit to DELCAM included a talk about the latest developments in CAM.  Software is available to scan physical models (in clay, wood etc.) and then smooth this data, or take CAD models from a variety of systems and cut metal using the latest cutting techniques and technologies.  All this can dramatically reduce the time from the design output to, say, hard tooling.  Much of the hand finishing of tools that used to be necessary is no longer required, such is the quality of the surface finishes now achievable.  The visit concluded with a tour of the workshops where some very large components were being machined.

Using an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle in the Antarctic, Speaker Dr Brandon (18 Mar 2002)
Dr Mark Brandon gave a fascinating talk about a recent expedition to the Antarctic where the worlds first completely autonomous underwater vehicle was used to gather data from under the sea ice.  This British vehicle and research team collected over 400 km of under ice data and showed for the first time the link between the physics at the ice edge and the biology of the Antarctic region.

Annual General Meeting (12 Apr 2002)
The reports given to the A.G.M. by the Chairman, Hon. Secretary and Treasurer reflected that the Midland Section had had another successful year.  It was agreed that as a cost saving, no technical programme cards or leaflets will be professionally printed this coming season.  Instead, members will be notified before the events by post and on the web page. 

Visit to BMW Engine Plant - Hams Hall (16 Oct 2002)
This visit to perhaps the most advanced engine manufacturing plant in the world was most impressive. The cleanliness and low level of noise was more like what you would expect in a hospital rather than a factory. We were shown the fully automated machining of the major engine components and then the mainly automated assembly and test of the engines.

Please continue to refer to this web site for future Midland Section events.

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Members of the Committee


Michael Wildsmith

024 76460721

Vice Chairman

David Johnson


Hon. Secretary

Steve Jennings

0121 700 4322
(day time)

Hon. Treasurer

Michael Wildsmith

 024 76460721

Programme Secretary

Steve Jennings

 0121 700 4322

Executive Member

John Holland



For further information about the Midland Section, please contact Mike Wildsmith or Steve Jennings.

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