Mike "obnoxiously untalented piece of shit" Bullard. Canada's biggest and most obnoxious embarassment. One only has to painfully sit through a mere fraction of his dreadfully unfunny monologue to realize that his being on the air must be due to the covert workings of American network executives in an effort to make their late night talk shows seem even funnier (Jay Leno and Craig Kilborn are exempted from this theory, of course, because they're shit too.)

"Can I look like any more of an asshole?"

"I sure can!"
With his ridiculously, artificially whitened teeth, beady little rodent eyes that deserve gouging and an all-around grimace and disposition that makes one want to defecate in his mouth, Mike Bullard is the archetype of desperation afflicting Canadian show business. He is the only talk show host that has to regularly resort to taking jabs at the poor half-wits that make up his studio audience for lack of better material.

One also wonders whether his incredibly untalented writing staff (who are undoubtedly in cahoots with the American network conspirators) realize how agonizing most of the mind-numbing tripe Bullard spews every night is to any viewer with even below-average intelligence.Now this brings us to the question of why didn't any of the cast of The Kids in the Hall (even the worst KITH sketch could blow away any Bullard Show episode) get the job of hosting Canada's only late night talk show? Most likely because they all knew too well that they would be subjected to an unrelentless barrage of bad monologues, worse sketches and and the absence of interesting guests.

"Punch my face! ."






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