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Welcome to my homepage!  This page is intended to give other beginner RC aircraft enthusiasts information about the hobby.  If you are new to the hobby some of the things I have learned over the past year may help you.  I have learned a lot from trial and error, and some of my errors you will see on this page!
One of the first sites your should vist is RC Universe.  This is the end all be all site for all the possible questions you may have.   They have various forums for beginners, new builders etc. This site has been a great help to me when I have had my mishaps.  Plus there is an eBay style market place for all the things you may need such as tools, field boxes, etc.  We will get into that later, but visit the site......
What do I fly?  I fly the Hangar 9 Alpha Trainer, click the picture for a review on the 40 size.  This is a very gentle trainer, very easy to fly.  But will become very boring once you solo.  Some others you might want to try are the Tower Trainer from Tower Hobbies, the Sig Kadet, or the Hobbico Nexstar - the one my club recommends.
Speaking of clubs, a good way to find out more about the hobby before you get started would be to visit your local club's flying field.  Many clubs offer training (a must) to prospective or new members. The clubs certified AMA instructor may even take you up on a trainer with a buddy box for you to get to see what it is like before you break out the estimated $500.00 to get into the hobby!  You will also need to become an AMA member for insurance purposes.  My club offers training for free with new membership.  If you are looking for a club in your area, RC Universe has a directory of clubs so you can locate one close to you.
See the final photos!! At some point, you might get the crazy idea to build your first kit.  I did, and started on my Sig Four Star, an aerobatic trainer.  A lot of time and effort is required, and some experience perhaps in reparing some of your early mishaps.  See some of my photos of the construction thus far.
The other plane that I have built from an ARF (Almost Ready to Fly) kit is an AT-40 high wing trainer.   I bought this from an importer from China.  The intrstructions were impossible for a first time builder, and were photocopied so many times I could barely make out the detail.  Not to mention all the dimensions were metric.   I outfitted the plane with a OS .40 LA Natural engine, and an Futaba Conquest 4 channel FM radio.  This became my daily fiyer since I went down again with the Alpha. 
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It is a matter of time if you are a newbie.  It is all part of the training process.  You will need to make repairs, it is part of the hobby.  Here are some photos from my two crashes with my Hangar 9 Alpha Trainer.
From time to time, we all need help with a project or repair..  Here is a list of resources that I have found useful in the past.  
New!   See the photos and results of our club's 2005 Annual Fun Fly held on
June 4th.  I was the contest director.
Come and see my Hangar on RC Universe.com