Alright, I hate these, so do you, but I'm not gonna get sued or whatever cause you didn't play by the rules.
First off, I don't know Nsync, or their girlfriends or their managers or anyone else I pretend to. Ah! A keyword: Pretend. What I write in Word is exactly that. I don't know if Justin and JC were disco divas in the 70s or not, but it's safe to say they weren't. Therefore, when I write about them boogying down to KC and the SunShine Band, you can safely assume it's not real and I have one hell of an imagination. And if you steal any of my other characters [ie. Shane in "Tricky" or The Boss Man in "Grocery Store"] I will get really pissed and get my girlfriend's really butch ex on you, and believe me, she can kick some serious ass. And that warning includes anything that is mine. My stories, my graphics [what graphics?], or just... yeah. Point blank: Don't mess with my shit.
Also, I'm not making any money from this. I doubt anyone would pay me anyway, haha, I mean, come on now, haha.
And lastly, if you're not of age [usually 18], um then... don't let anyone know you're reading this, lol. Nah, look I can't tell you not to read this is you're not 18, and I seriously don't like it when some do. I know that's what disclaimers are all about but look, read at your own risk. I'll say it so that I don't get sued but if you get in trouble because you're too young, handle that. Alright: If you're not of the legal age, don't read this.
Alright, done! :o) Thanks for your patience, yall.